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Gas and gaseous precursor filled microspheres, and foams thereof, provide novel topical and subcutaneous delivery vehicles for various active ingredients, including drugs and cosmetics.

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Novel targeted compositions which may be used for diagnostic and therapeutic use. The compositions may comprise lipid, protein or polymer gas-filled vesicles which further comprise novel compounds of the general formula L-P-T, wherein L comprises a hydrophobic compound, P comprises a hydrophilic pol ...

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A method of producing particles of materials includes, with a first substance that includes at least one component that is a gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, extruding or emulsifying the first substance into or in the presence of a second substance to create a bubble in which the fi ...

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A container comprising an aqueous lipid suspension and a gaseous phase substantially separate from the aqueous stabilizing phase, useful in diagnostic imaging such as ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging and in therapeutic applications, is disclosed.

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A non-invasive method for disrupting a blood clot within the vasculature of a patient using new ultrasound techniques is provided. Lipid vesicles containing a gas or gaseous precursor are administered intravascularly to the patient and ultrasound having a power greater than about 0.5 Watts/cm2 to ab ...

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A nanodroplet composition is provided, the nanodroplets include a lipid encapsulating a biologically compatible oil, a fluorocarbon composition including one or more fluorinated hydrocarbons, and a therapeutically active compound, where the fluorocarbon composition is in a liquid state at a temperat ...

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The invention comprises a method to administer stem cells to a patient in need thereof. The method provides acoustically active material, stem cells, and an ultrasound energy emitting device. The method administers the acoustically active material to the patient, administers the stem cells to the pa ...

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An ultrasound energy emitting apparatus is disclosed. The ultrasound energy emitting apparatus comprises a hand-held enclosure and a plurality of ultrasound transducers disposed on that enclosure, or disposed within and extending outwardly from the enclosure. The plurality of ultrasound transducers ...