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The novel process for the work up of solutions or suspensions of organic synthesis products which have a pH of , R, R, R, R, X and Y and the index n have the meaning specified in the description.

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The present invention relates to a novel procedure for obtaining solid dyestuffs, the precipitation of the dyestuffs being effected from a reaction mixture by concentrating this with the aid of a membrane process until the crystallisation either commences spontaneously or is initiated or completed b ...

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Latex-Dispersionen werden aufkonzentriert, indem man in einer zweistufigen Querstromfiltration zunächst die Latex-Dispersion bei Drücken von 2 bis 7 bar und Temperaturen von 20 bis 70 DEG C bei turbulenter Strömung aufkonzentriert, das dabei anfallende Permeat mit dem darin befindlichen Emulgator an ...

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By means of the addition of boric acid or boric acid salts before or during the pressure permeation of anionic dye solutions, the filtration current density is considerably increased such that a cost-favourable process results owing to the shorter process time of the plant.

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Das Verfahren zur Aufarbeitung von Abwässern und Entsorgung der darin befindlichen Frachten durch Kombination von Aufkonzentration, Eindampfung und Gasphasenoxidation ist wirtschaftlich besonders rentabel, da die zu verbrennenden Konzentrate einen sehr geringen Salzgehalt aufweisen.

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Use is claimed in the post-tanning of iron-tanned leather of condensation products of (A) sulfonated aromatics; (B) aldehydes or ketones; and optionally also (C) non-sulfonated aromatics, urea or urea derivatives with the proviso that the content of naphthalenesulfonic acid-formaldehyde condensates ...

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The invention relates to a process for preparing methyl-hydroxyalkyl cellulose ethers by alkalinisation and etherification of celluloses and washing out the methyl-hydroxyalkyl cellulose ethers with water at elevated temperatures and obtaining the short-chain cellulose ethers which are soluble in th ...

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Storage-stable aqueous solutions of anionic dyes, preferably reactive dyes, are inexpensively obtainable by pressure permeation by preparing the feed solution for the pressure permeation process by suspending the dried or undried press cake or suspension of the crude dye in an electrolyte solution.

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Solid whitener preparation comprises (a) 85-99.9 weight percent (wt.%) optical brightener(s) and (b) 0.1-15 (preferably 0.5-10) wt.% residual moisture, where more than 90 (preferably more than 95, especially more than 98) wt.% of the preparation consists of components (a) and (b).