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A CATV center facility transmits, together with the television signals of a plurality of programs, display control data indicating program names and selection numbers of the respective programs and channel data indicating the numbers of channels on which the respective programs are being broadcast o ...

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Based on in-band data transmitted from a center facility that include titles, start times, lengths and channel numbers of respective programs of linked channels, the titles and start times are displayed together with selection numbers on a TV receiver upon depression of a schedule switch by a user. ...

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A silicon carbide layer(s) is provided on a silicon substrate. If necessary, a desired pattern of the silicon carbide layer(s) is allowed to remain, while the other portion(s) is embedded with SiO.sub.2. If necessary, the silicon carbide layer(s) may be constituted of a barrier layer and a device-fo ...

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A method for preparing a divalent-europium-activated calcium sulfide phosphor comprising reacting a molten mixture consisting essentially of alkaline-earth-metal chloride and europium chloride with gaseous carbon disulfide at temperatures between 850.degree. and 1200.degree. C. for 1 to 6 hours. The ...

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High intensity photoluminescent glasses comprising certain alkali metal-rare earth metaphosphates are suitable for use in display panels, indicator lights, and decorative illumination, etc. These glasses, with a suitable activator, have the formula:

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X-ray luminescent glasses comprising a divalent cation such as an alkaline earth metal or other divalent cations such as Pb, Cd, or Zn, and certain rare earth metaphosphates are suitable as vitreous, X-ray phosphors or X-ray luminescent glass fibers in an X-ray intensifying screen. The glasses have ...

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An optical isolator having a constitution in which a Faraday rotator is sandwiched by two polarizers, which can be more easily produced at a reduced cost. An optical isolator is constituted so that it comprises the following constituent elements in the described order: a first reflection-type polari ...

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A driving apparatus for a DC circuit breaker of reverse current insertion type. The driving apparatus includes a magnetic repulsive coil for instantaneously driving a movable electrode of a vacuum valve directly in an opening direction, and a first coil of capacitor energization type and a second co ...

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A thrust control valve includes a nozzle having a gas supply chamber, a gas jetting chamber and a connecting passage therebetween. The nozzle has an upstream inner surface defining the gas supply chamber and a downstream inner surface defining the gas jetting chamber. The valve also includes a plug ...

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On the tread surface, land portions are defined by a pair of circumferential main grooves and divided, by circumferential narrow grooves 3 and multiple lateral grooves 4 connecting between the circumferential main groove and the circumferential narrow groove or between the circumferential narrow gro ...