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A cutting system for cutting a workpiece by laser emission relies upon local cooling of the workpiece at the point at which cutting starts and ends. Optionally, local cooling can also be provided at a cross point where two cutting lines intersect. Relying upon the difference in thermal stress betwee ...

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A piezoresistive strain sensing device is comprised of a semiconductor single-crystal substrate, having crystal indices in the (100) phase, and having p-type and n-type diffused resistors formed therein. A diffused resistance gauge is formed of the p-type and n-type resistors. Temperature compensati ...

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The radial vanes secured to the inside of a cylindrical anode electrode are short-circuited by inner and outer strap rings which are secured to alternate vanes. The intermediate portions of the strap rings between the points at which the strap rings are secured to the vanes are projected outwardly.

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A ceramic multilayer wiring board is provided in which ceramic insulating layers and wiring patterns provided thereon are connected by conductors filling through-holes formed in the ceramic insulating layers. The through-holes are so formed that the superficial portions of each through-hole of the c ...