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An apparatus is disclosed for visual programming for creating a program with a visual user interface. The visual programming apparatus has a screen storage unit for storing multiple screens to be employed with the program; a screen creating unit for creating the multiple screens to be employed with ...

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Novel bisamidate phosphonate prodrugs of FBPase inhibitors of the Formula IA: and their use in the treatment of diabetes and other conditions associated with elevated blood glucose.

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An LED tube lamp including a glass lamp tube, an LED light strip disposed inside the glass lamp tube, and an end cap attached over an end of glass lamp tube is disclosed. The glass lamp tube is covered by a heat shrink sleeve. The inner surface of the glass lamp tube is formed with a rough surface o ...

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The invention generally provides processes and intermediate compounds useful for the production of (+) nal morphinan compounds. In particular, the process encompasses synthetic routes for the production of (+) nal morphinan compounds or derivatives of (+) nal morphinan compounds from (+)-morphinan s ...