Tantlinger Keith W: Snap-on mullion cover with scored breakaway flange portions. Rohr, Schlesinger Patrick J, March 4, 1975: US3868804 (39 worldwide citation)

The window mullions of a transportation type vehicle are provided with snap-on, channel shape mullion covers, the side flanges of which normally extend over, and conceal, a pair of grooves which are provided one along each side of each mullion. Each such side flange is scored lengthwise along its in ...

Tantlinger Keith W: Continuous hinge and seal for vehicle windows. Rohr, April 23, 1974: US3806188 (32 worldwide citation)

A continuous hinge seal strip of tough, resilient, plastic material is mounted along the aligned upper edges of the window openings on each side of a transportation type vehicle. Each window comprises a glass panel, the upper edge of which is connected in sealed relation to the hinge strip. Vertical ...

Tantlinger Keith W, Fujioka Richard T: Trollye crane apparatus. Fruehauf Corporation, March 30, 1971: US3572513 (29 worldwide citation)

A generally rectangular support framework is mounted for movement along a pair of fixed spaced parallel tracks. The framework comprises two interconnected portions each of which is of generally U-shaped configuration and includes a long and a short leg, the long leg of one of said framework portions ...

Tantlinger Keith W: Separable wheel units for vehiclizing container. Fruehauf Corporation, March 16, 1971: US3570694 (27 worldwide citation)

The wheel units are releasably attached to the bottom corner sockets of a shipping container which raises the container on the wheels of the units when a hydraulic ram on the unit is extended.

Tantlinger Keith W: Roof-to-sidewall unit method joint structure for transportation type vehicles. Rohr, June 11, 1974: US3815307 (23 worldwide citation)

The roof structure of a ground transportation vehicle is manufactured as a unit in its respective jig, complete with all components, accessories, finish and trim, as are also each of the vehicle sidewalls, the latter preferably complete with seats of cantilever or semi-cantilever type. Each sidewall ...

Tantlinger Keith W: Bus with replaceable power unit. Rohr, Schlesinger Patrick J, October 22, 1974: US3842927 (13 worldwide citation)

A substantially flat, structural bulkhead is mounted ahead of the designed rear end of a bus body to comprise the structural rear wall of the bus body and also the forward wall of a power unit compartment provided at the after end of the bus body. Non-structural doors complete the sides and rear of ...

Tantlinger Keith W, Sweda Adam D: Universal trailer chassis. Fruehauf Corporation, October 19, 1971: US3614153 (13 worldwide citation)

The universal trailer chassis is so constructed as to be able to transport containers of the tunnel and standard types when secured thereon. The container rests upon the rear chassis frame bolster and abuts the front chassis frame bolster to which it is releasably secured.

Tantlinger Keith W: Stainless steel clad aluminum strakes and panels. Rohr, January 9, 1973: US3708938 (10 worldwide citation)

Aluminum extrusions for use as strakes and panels in making vehicle bodies and other structures are clad with thin, stainless steel sheet or foil bonded to their exterior surfaces. The edge portions of each stainless steel cladding sheet extend beyond edge portions of its respective extrusion, and a ...

Tantlinger Keith W: Cantilevered seat. Rohr Corporation, April 9, 1974: US3802738 (9 worldwide citation)

A seat has an integral frame which forms a bottom and back and is cantilevered at one end thereof from a vertical support.

Tantlinger Keith W, Chieger George, Sweda Adam D: Longitudinally movable landing gear for trailers and the like. Fruehauf Corporation, November 23, 1971: US3622178 (8 worldwide citation)

The landing gear for a container chassis frame is movable to and from ground-engaged position and when the bogies for the wheels are to be shifted to different positions on coupled and uncoupled frames, the landing gear may also be shifted to conform to the new position of the wheels.