Tanaka Takaharu, Mochida Tetsuji: Memory control apparatus and memory control method. Matsushita Electric, jixiang gang, June 4, 2008: CN200580050046

Access requests issued from access circuits (30,40) are arbitrated by an arbitration circuit (20) to access a storage apparatus (10), while they are arbitrated by an arbitration circuit (21) to access a storage apparatus (11).

Tanaka Takaharu, Kato Takashi, Ichimaru Akiko: Guide wire. Goodman, July 17, 2008: JP2008-161562

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a guide wire which has a low resistance, a trend to go straightforward and a good operability.SOLUTION: The guide wire includes a core wire 2 extending from a proximal end to the distal end, and a sleeve 4 enclosing the distal end of the core wire 2. The sleeve 4 has ...

Tanaka Takaharu, Hyodo Hiroshi: Ornamental material having appearance of suede tone and its production. Inoac, February 9, 1999: JP1999-033481

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an ornamental material which is adequate for applications, such as interior materials of automobiles and interior building materials, has appearance of a suede tone and has soft texture and a process for producing the same. SOLUTION: A coating material prepd. by comp ...

Tanaka Takaharu, Uchiumi Kouzou, Matsuoka Tatsuomi: Kinase-inhibiting agent. Suntory, February 28, 1995: JP1995-053390

PURPOSE: To provide inhibiting agent containing a red pigment, blepharismin, as the active ingredient, not giving a side effect, inhibiting protein kinase C, etc., and useful for the prevention and therapy of circulatory organ diseases, inflammations, allergies, tumors, etc. CONSTITUTION: The object ...

Tanaka Takaharu, Hyodo Hiroshi: Decorative material having suedelike appearance. Inoac, February 9, 1999: JP1999-034201

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To impart suedelike surface which has matte and damp appearance by providing a specified expanded layer and a skin layer containing at least one of urethane beads, silicone beads, or silicone oil, either on an interlayer or a surface layer, or both. SOLUTION: Decorative materia ...

Nakao Keiichi, Tanaka Takaharu: Wall paper held in container. Nakao Shoji, Nitsupu Corp, October 14, 1997: JP1997-267846

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To facilitate the handling of wall paper wrapped into a roll which has a glue layer on its rear. SOLUTION: This wall paper comprises a container 1 with a lid 5 on one of its sides, wall paper 2 which has a glue layer on its rear and releasing paper stuck onto the glue layer and ...

Hashimoto Masaki, Tanaka Takaharu: Slurry-like macrobiosis composition for cut flower. Suntory, January 7, 1997: JP1997-002903

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain at low cost an efficient and environmentally safe composition excellent in cut flower macrobiosis effect by dispersing in water a water- insoluble or sparingly water-soluble cut flower macrobiosis ingredient in combination with a dispersant into a slurry. SOLUTION: Th ...

Otake Nozomi, Tanaka Takaharu, You Shihaku: Composition for inhibiting hepatitis. Suntory, September 22, 1998: JP1998-251154

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a medicine high in safety and effective for preventing or treating hepatitis or liver damages such as viral hepatitis, medicine-induced hepatitis and alcoholic hepatitis by including an alkaloid extracted from Gynura segetum (Lour.) Merr. as an active ingredient. SOLU ...

Tanaka Takaharu, Hyodo Hiroshi: Suede type sheet material. Inoac Corporation, December 21, 1999: JP1999-347487

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a surface having an excellent touch which is hardly damaged when the surface is in contact with other objects by forming a base layer of a foamed body and a surface layer containing thermally expanded microcapsules dispersed in a resin. SOLUTION: The sheet material 10 ...

Yamamoto Eiji, Tanaka Takaharu, Yanagihara Masahiko, Tatezawa Hidekazu, Nishimura Yoji: Vehicle interior member. Inoac, Toyota Motor, August 28, 2002: JP2002-240593

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve the touch of a vehicle interior member all made of urethane.SOLUTION: The vehicle interior member 20 comprises a substrate 12 using a hard urethane form as a material and a skin 14 consisting of a first skin layer 22 using a non-foamed urethane as a material and a se ...