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An improved spiral wound element for separations is disclosed wherein the improvement comprises using as the feed/retentate space one or more layers of a material having an open cross-sectional area in the range 30 to 70% and as the permeate spacer material at least three layers of material two of w ...

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The yield and quality of products secured from cracking units is increased by the process of subjecting the product stream secured from such cracking unit to a selective aromatics removal process and recycling the recovered aromatics lean (saturates rich) stream to the cracking unit whereby such sat ...

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The present invention provides a process for improving the catalytic activity of small and medium pore acidic zeolite catalyst which comprises the steps of treating a zeolite with a phosphorus compound to form a phosphorus treated zeolite and combining the phosphorus treated zeolite with AlPO.sub.4. ...

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A fluid coking-gasification process for converting heavy hydrocarbonaceous chargestocks to lower boiling products in which calcium silicate is used to mitigate bogging, slagging, or both. The calcium silicate can be added directly to the heavy hydrocarbonaceous chargestock to mitigate both bogging a ...

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There is provided a process for converting hydrocarbons which utilizes a zeolite bound zeolite catalyst that has enhanced performance when utilized in hydrocarbon conversion processes, e.g., catalytic cracking, alkylation, disproportionation of toluene, isomerization, and transalkylation reactions. ...

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The invention provides a process for improving the conversion of a hydrocarbon feedstock to light olefins comprising the steps of first contacting the hydrocarbon feedstock with a light olefin producing cracking catalyst and subsequently thermally cracking the unseparated stream to produce additiona ...

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Raffinate yield from solvent extraction is improved when the extract phase recovered from the solvent extraction process is subjected to a membrane separation step wherein a saturates/1-ring aromatics rich retentate is produced and a 2+ ring aromatics rich permeate are produced and the saturates/1-r ...

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Disclosed are silicoaluminophosphates (SAPOs) having unique silicon distributions, a method for their preparation and their use as catalysts for the catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon feedstocks. More particularly, the new SAPOs have a high silica: alumina ratio, and are prepared from microemulsions ...

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Distillate or hydrotreated distillate effluent is separated into an aromatics rich permeate and an aromatics lean retentate by use of a permselective membrane with the aromatic rich permeate being sent to a hydrotreater, thereby increasing the quantity of reduced aromatics content product.

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This invention relates to a process to produce propylene from a hydrocarbon feed stream, preferably a naphtha feed stream, comprising C5 and C6 components wherein a light portion having a boiling point range of 120° C. or less is introduced into a reactor separately from the other components of the ...