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A device for administering solid or semisolid preparations in an organism subcutaneously. The equipment comprises a barrel (3) having a nozzle (5) for attachment of a hollow needle (4), a plunger (2) slidably arranged in the barrel and is used in combination with a guide member (15) adapted to be sn ...

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An equipment for administering solid or semisolid preparations under the skin, which comprises a solid needle (1) member with an acute tip end (1a), and a cylindrical member (3) slidably mounted on the needle member. The solid needle member having a recess (1b) at its front part to form a preparatio ...

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A compound of the formula: A - @@ - B - @@- R wherein A is the group of the formula: Ar - D - Ar - wherein Ar is a phenyl or thienyl group which may be optionally substituted with at least one of the same or different halogen atom; Ar is a phenylene or thienylene group which may be optionally substi ...

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A controlled release formulation which comprises an organic acidic compound or an acid anhydride or ester capable of generating one of the organic acidic compounds through hydrolysis together with an active ingredient and collagen as a carrier, said formulation being capable of exhibiting a predeter ...



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An image processor inputs image data from an image capturing device, and acquires blur-correction coefficients corresponding to the state of an imaging optical system which forms an image represented by light coming from an object on the image capturing device. Then, the image processor generates a ...

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This disclosure describes novel oxadiazolyl-1,4-dihydropyridines and analogues thereof useful in treatment of cardiovascular disorders.

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In a shadow mask-substrate alignment method, a substrate is provided that includes a grate having a plurality of spaced bars and a shadow mask is provided that includes a grate having a plurality of spaced bars. Also provided is a light source - light receiver pair that defines a path of light there ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a high-quality preview image with respect to print preview technique.SOLUTION: An image processing apparatus includes: an acquiring means which acquires information of a spectrum reflection rate for each of color patches corresponding to at least three colors which a ...