Martin Philippe, Tamisier Franckie: Carrying traction rope supporting and guiding mechanical device for chair or gondola lift type ski lift, has elastic coupling connection to create pseudo-articulation within each of two bogies. Pomagalski, September 9, 2005: FR2867142-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

The device has a balancer, and two bogies with support units (16) whose median part is connected to a beam through an elastic coupling connection (19a). The connection has two transmission units (22, 23) and creates a pseudo-articulation within each bogie to allow damping swing movement of the suppo ...

Martin Philippe, Tamisier Franckie: Lift seat on aerial cable way has additional safety device in form of raised projection that fits between persons legs. Pomagalski, November 19, 2004: FR2854853-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The lift seat, comprising a supporting arch (11) designed to be attached to a cable, and a safety frame (12) with a horizontal bar (13) that pivots between raised and lowered positions. Each passenger's position on the seat is fitted with an additional safety device in the form of a raised projectio ...

Brochand Max, Tamisier Franckie: Boarding station for tele-carrier e.g. gondola car, transportation, has transfer route subdivided into arrival section and departure section with formation of two bends that are situated at same level. Pomagalski, October 29, 2004: FR2854116-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The station has a transfer route (11) subdivided into an arrival section connected to a departure section by an intermediate section with formation of two bends (V1, V2). The bend (V2) is situated at a side of the arrival section and the bend (V2) is situated at a side of the departure section. The ...

Coudurier Stephane, Martin Philippe, Bonifat Laurent, Tamisier Franckie: Vehicle for conducting repairs along an overhead cable of a rope railway. Pomagalski, February 25, 2009: EP2028074-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The vehicle has connection units comprising an upper part (14) fixed to cables, and a lower part (15) fixed to a cabin (13). An articulation unit is formed by a transversal tube and sleeve, and articulates the upper part with respect to the lower part. An adjustment unit adjusts an angle between the ...

Revenant Nicolas, Tamisier Franckie: Method of managing an aerial ropeway transport system and system for implementing the method. Pomagalski, October 15, 2008: EP1980466-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The method involves detecting a vehicle type and presence of passengers on a loading and unloading platform or in a cabin if the vehicle is the cabin, when the vehicle is in upstream of the platform in moving direction of an aerial carrier-tractor cable. A motor is controlled during vehicle displace ...

Marten Perolino Matteo, Tamisier Franckie: Pulley for cable. Pomagalski, October 12, 2005: EP1584845-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A rim (13) is radially subdivided into several segments assembled to one another by fixing elements (21). A hub (11) is fixed to a support enclosure (12) comprising plates (19) of polygon cross section and radial arms (18) assembled by another fixing elements (22).

Morand Yannick, Tamisier Franckie: Return pulley drive for a monocable ropeway with fixed clamps. Pomagalski, March 10, 2004: EP1396408-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The chair lift with an overhead cable (10) for carrying and pulling the chairs comprises a station (14) with a return pulley (12) for the cable and means for positioning the pulley with vertical axis on a cart (30) mounted on a support device (22) for utilizing the pulley driven by a motor-reduction ...

Marten Perolino Matteo, Tamisier Franckie: Poulie en plusieurs parties reassemblables sur le site pour une installation de transport par cables. Pomagalski, September 2, 2005: FR2866935-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Une poulie comprend un moyeu (11), une jante (13) périphérique reliée au moyeu (11) par une ossature (16) métallique de liaison composée d'un disque (17) central ajouré, renforcé par des bras de rigidification (18). La jante (13) est subdivisée radialement en plusieurs segments circulaires assemblés ...

Marguet Gerard, Mathieu Christian, Tamisier Franckie: Aerial ropeway system comprising a vehicle transfer circuit equipped with a torque motor. Pomagalski, January 14, 2009: EP2014533-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The system has a carrier transfer circuit with a displacement unit comprising a set of wheels, where one of the wheels is coupled with a power take off from the movement of an aerial cable. The wheels are equipped with a driving unit formed by a belt (18C1) and an auxiliary pulley (19C1) to ensure r ...

Tamisier Franckie, Jost Jerome: Procede de realisation dun massif dancrage. Pomagalski, December 26, 2003: FR2841271-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Procédé de réalisation d'un massif d'ancrage (1) en béton armé d'un pylône (2), ledit massif (1) ayant une semelle (3) en forme de plaque horizontale surmontée d'une chandelle (4) de révolution inclinée par rapport à la verticale, d'une hauteur donnée, comprenant les étapes suivantes :a) prévoir un ...