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A gas-sparing vehicle is achieved by a control system for a hybrid vehicle equipped at least with: a hybrid engine which includes at least a first rotary electric unit for deciding the rpm of the engine and a second rotary electric unit for deciding the driving force of the vehicle and which has pow ...

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In an engine-motor hybrid vehicle, vehicle drive regions are divided into a plurality of groups specified by a plurality of operation state variables. A learning variable set for each drive region is updated according to an amount of a power state of an engine, when the vehicle is in a steady state ...

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The mechanism for containing an input pen is provided with a pen holder having a shape of pipe, which contains an input pen having substantially a shape of stick, keeping the back end of the input pen exposed. The pen holder is provided with a pen stopper to couple with the input pen. There is provi ...

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A superheterodyne receiver comprises a variable frequency oscillator of PLL (phase-locked loop) type for implementing a first local oscillator and a variable frequency oscillator not of PLL type for implementing a second local oscillator. At least the frequency of a first locally generated signal is ...

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Coils for electric appliances such as motor or generator are made with a superconducting material, and the width of the coil and the gap between the coils are so adjusted that the passage of magnetic flux generated by a magnetic flux generating member in the electric appliance is not influenced by t ...

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An electric power steering device includes an output shaft connected to a steering mechanism of a steering system for power assisting the steering operation. The EPS includes a motor and a control circuit accommodated in a common motor housing. The motor housing comprises an end frame and a cup-shap ...

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An inverter control apparatus for driving a polyphase AC motor for preventing abrupt changes in motor drive currents when switching of one phase is stopped. The apparatus includes a signal generator for generating duty signals of drive signals of respective phases on the basis of a generated referen ...

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A magnetic head assembly in which grooves, extending in the slide direction of a magnetic recording medium, are formed on both sides of an electro-magnetic converting section on the surface where the magnetic recording medium slides.

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Radio receiving apparatus having a receiving unit including an RF stage and a signal processing state, the latter producing an audio frequency signal in response to the RF signal supplied to the RF stage. The receiving unit also includes a jack having at least first and second contacts, the first co ...

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A magnetic head in which a first magnetic film made of a material of high saturation magnetic flux density is deposited on the surface of a block made of a high permeability material and which contains a groove for winding. A nonmagnetic film made of a nonmagnetic material and serving as a magnetic ...