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An object of the present invention is to provide a novel microorganism which has an excellent ability to solubilize a variety of organic solid matter such as biological sludge including raw sludge and excess sludge discharged from sewage treating processes at sewage treatment plants, night soil trea ...

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A mixing apparatus includes a bottom ribbon blade adapted for viscous fluid contents. The mixing apparatus includes a vertically positioned mixing vessel (1) including a cylindrical wall (2) and a bottom wall (3) disposed on a lower portion of the cylindrical wall wherein the bottom wall is of a sem ...

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Provided are a water treatment equipment that combines a reaction vessel utilizing granular active carbon or the like as a microorganism carrier with an immersion membrane separation unit, realizing compactness, energy saving and high decomposition efficiency; and a method of water treatment therewi ...

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Hollow-fiber membranes are inhibited from decreasing in permeability, and an efficient membrane separation method is thereby practiced.  A water treatment apparatus is thus inhibited from decreasing in operation efficiency.  Provided is a hollow-fiber membrane module which includes: a fixing member ...

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A mixing apparatus is disclosed in which a rotating shaft (2) is vertically installed at the center of the interior of a vertical cylindrical mixing tank (1). Paddle impellers (3, 4) are attached at multiple stages, upper and lower, on said rotating shaft. The paddle impeller (3) at the lowermost st ...

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It is an object of the present invention to provide a membrane separation apparatus and a membrane separation process that are unlikely to cause membrane fouling and plugging, capable of achieving membrane separation even with relatively low flow rate of water, have an excellent membrane packing den ...