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A process for dicing a preform made of an oxide single crystal into cut pieces each having a given shape, includes the steps of removing molecules of the oxide single crystal through dissociation and evaporation with an optochemical reaction under irradiation of a laser beam upon the preform, thereb ...

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A process for the preparation of laminates comprising the steps of (1) putting a thermoplastic resin sheet or film and a metal foil or sheet one upon another with a specific polyolefin type resin being interposed therebetween, (2) heating the thus interposed specific polyolefin type resin to a tempe ...

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An optical waveguide element includes a three-dimensional optical waveguide of a bulky non-linear optical crystal, a substrate, and a joining layer made of an amorphous material. The substrate is joined to the optical waveguide via the joining layer.

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In a golf simulator having a housing in which a display and a reproducing device are accommodated, and an arm to the distal end of which a ball is secured, the golf simulator comprises a bed plate which supports a horizontal shaft; a swingable bed rotatable on the horizontal shaft and having another ...

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An optical waveguide device includes a substrate having a pair of opposed main planes, an optical waveguide formed on one of the opposed main planes, and an electrode portion, wherein a thickness of a portion of the substrate at at least a location where the electrode portion is formed is made small ...

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In a semiconductor laser device used as an optical time domain reflectometer, a polarizer is inserted in the path of the laser light. The plane of polarization of the polarizer is aligned to the plane of polarization of the emitted laser light, and the polarizer transmits the emitted laser light wit ...

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The present invention relates to a sulfonamide derivative which is useful as an active ingredient of pharmaceutical preparations. The sulfonamide derivatives of the present invention have CCR3 (CC type chemokine receptor) antagonistic activity, and can be used for the prophylaxis and treatment of di ...

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The present invention provides a radio signal radiation system that alleviates the necessity of a highly specified pass band reception filter and a high performance/reliability amplifier. The radio signal radiation system includes an optical modulator; a light source for inputting an optical carrier ...

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An optoelectronic element module is provided, which has improved reliability in cooling performance. This module is comprised of an optoelectronic element, a Peltier unit for cooling the optoelectronic element, and a package encapsulating the optoelectronic element and the Peltier unit. The optoelec ...

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An optical waveguide device has a substrate composed of a nonlinear optical material and a periodically domain-inverted structure having the same composition as the nonlinear optical material, where the domain-inverted structure has a refractive index distribution relying on the domain-inverted stru ...