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In correspondence with each face of a rectangular parallelepiped obtained when the inside of the rectangular parallelepiped is shot, a monitor screen is split into a plurality of sub-screen areas. An image shot by a vehicle-mounted camera is processed and the processed image is split correspondingly ...

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A multimedia documents integrating and displaying system, comprising, a framework function section for operating in close communication with a parser, interpreting various drawing tags in a document described in a markup language, generating a framework for synchronizing and operating various drawin ...

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To reduce power loss in a transparent electrode with a high sheet resistance in a thin-film solar cell that uses an amorphous semiconductor layer, without having to use a complex patterning process. A large number of holes are formed through an insulating substrate, while a third electrode layer wit ...

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A thermal printer of the type printing an image on a printing paper wound in the form of a roll. Curling of the printing paper wound in the roll form occurs when the thermal printer is placed in its standby mode over more than a predetermined period of time while the printing paper is held between a ...

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In a sheet-shaped solar module mounting structure, rail members include locking members to which the end portions of sheet-shaped solar batteries are locked, so that, in mounting the sheet-shaped solar batteries to a roof bed, it is unnecessary to nail the solar batteries to the roof bed with screws ...

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This invention provides improvements in method of and apparatus for reducing an emitted amount of particulates by collecting the particulates contained in the exhaust gas from a diesel engine by a trapper. According to the invention, firstly, an excess amount of the particulates which have adhered t ...

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In a rendering device Urnd, a CPU generates a lower viewpoint image based on captured images captured by image capture devices both securely mounted to a vehicle. Here, the lower viewpoint image shows a region rear of the vehicle viewed from those image capture devices. Then, the CPU executes viewpo ...

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A subscriber line tester for communication lines that convey high speed digital data, wherein a transmission side tester is provided that divides a measuring frequency region into two or more blocks, generates multi-sine waveforms obtained by combining sine waveforms of two or more frequencies in ea ...

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In a cooling assembly including a heat conductive block mounting an electronic part, and a heat pipe attached to the heat conductive block, a connector connected to the leads of the electronic part is arranged in the heat conductive block.

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In a navigation apparatus for guiding a mobile system along a predetermined path, an image obtained by measuring an actual environment is compared with a predicted image stored in advance, and a guidance signal is delivered to the mobile system on the basis of the comparison of the images.