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A light insole, with a high modulus of elasticity, which has a shank comprising a fiber-reinforced resin sheet and which is produced by putting a shank element on an insole element and heating under pressure to mold the sheet and adhere the sheet to the insole element.

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A first passage communicating with a compressed air supply port, a sixth passage communicating with a vacuum port, and an eighth passage communicating with an air discharge port for a solenoid-operated valve are arranged in parallel respectively. Further, a pressure fluid-supplying solenoid-operated ...

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A method for finish coating on polyurethane formed articles, which comprises formulating a finish coating composition so as to have a content of pyrrolidone or its derivative represented by the general formula ##STR1## in which R stands for hydrogen or an alkyl group having at the most 4 carbon atom ...

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The present invention relates to a video projector type television receiver in which a prism plate is disposed in front of a color cathode ray tube, a projection lens is located in front of the prism plate and transparent liquid is injected into the space between the color cathode ray tube and the p ...

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An intake device for an outboard motor having a vapor separator is provided. The intake device is simple to manufacture and prevents a flow of an unacceptably large volume of fuel vapor into an engine system. The intake device leads external air into the engine and the vapor separator separates fuel ...

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A coating composition for use in a mold coat coating process wherein the coating composition is previously coated on the molding surface of a mold for polyurethane resin, prior to molding of the polyurethane resin in which the coating composition is transferred onto the surface of the molded polyure ...

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Painting of an article formed of a synthetic resin, e.g. an automobile bumper formed of polyurethane resin, is accomplished by simplified operations and at reduced cost by using a paint of a desired color containing 5-40 wt % of an aprotic polar solvent, preferbly N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone. The paint i ...

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A color projector apparatus including a single cathode ray tube of index-type having a first transparent panel with phosphor elements of three primary colors and an indexing element formed on the inner surface thereof, a second transparent panel located in front of the first transparent panel of cat ...

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A shower head comprises a hot-water treating mechanism accommodated in a water passage formed in a shower head case of the shower head. The hot-water treating mechanism has coral sand and active carbon fiber, and has calcium sulfite if necessary. These materials are arranged serially along a water-f ...

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An insect-repellent assembly comprising a carrier member containing activated carbon fibers and an insect-repellent agent contained in said carrier member. Cockroach-repellent agents are preferable as the insect-repellent agent. The insect-repellent assembly of the present invention maintains its in ...