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A warning system for a vehicle comprises a pair of stereoscopic cameras, image recognizing means for processing images, two warning devices disposed on the left and right side of a driver, the deviation judging means for judging a possibility of deviation from the lane where the vehicle runs or a po ...

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In a charging apparatus and method for charging a battery of a battery driven electric vehicle, when a communication abnormality between a charger side of a charging station and the battery side of the electric vehicle is determined to occur, a power supply of the charger starts the charge to the ba ...

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A liquid jet recording head which is used for generating bubbles in a writing liquid of a liquid chamber and discharging droplets of the writing liquid to a recording sheet in an ink-jet printer. The liquid jet recording head includes an orifice from which the writing liquid is discharged, a liquid ...

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A bubble jet printer head comprises a base plate, an ink chamber provided on the phase plate, a device for supplying ink to the ink chamber, an ink passage provided on the base plate from the ink chamber to an orifice at a front end, and a heating element at the ink passage for heating the ink to fo ...

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A utensil for reconstituting a two-component dehydrated dish includes three approximately cup-shaped container members having each a bottom wall and an annular wall transverse to the bottom wall and bounding an open side of the member opposite the bottom wall. A first container defines a cavity dime ...

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There is disclosed a draining cannula to be connected with the left atrium which comprises a tip portion (A), a curvature portion (B) connected with said tip portion and a body tubular portion (C) connected with said curvature portion. The length and the outer diameter of said cannula is sufficient ...

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The present invention relates to an image forming apparatus including an image carrier unit having an image carrier for carrying an image and a transfer material carrier unit having a transfer material carrier for carrying a transfer material, the transfer material carrier unit being capable of assu ...

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A biomaterial excellent in biocompatibility comprising a composite material of an N-acylchitosan and collagen is described. This biomaterial is suitable for used as a wound dressing material, vascular prosthesis, artificial skin or hemostatic agent.

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An output buffer circuit, in which a pair of current sources is connected to positive and negative power sources, and a first inverter having input and output terminals, is arranged between the current sources, in which a second inverter having input and output terminals, is connected to the output ...

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An array processor comprising multiplexers, plural processing elements connected through the multiplexers in the form of a ring and a control unit for controlling the multiplexers and the processing elements. Each of the processing elements is connected to an input vector data bus via the multiplexe ...