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A display board has a light transmitting substrate illuminated by a light source at the back side, a illuminance adjusting layer having a plurality of light reflective dots and formed on the surface at the front side of the substrate, and a colored light transmitting image layer formed on the illumi ...

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A facsimile apparatus that can be conveniently controlled from an external information processing terminal is disclosed. The facsimile apparatus comprises a line controller for effecting transmission and reception of image data through a telephone line, an interface for effecting transmission and re ...

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A reaction solution that is used for image recording with an ink containing a coloring material in a dissolved or dispersed state to destabilize the dissolved or dispersed state of the coloring material in the ink in contact with the ink to provide high quality and abrasion-resistant images, wherein ...

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Disclosed is an aqueous ink comprising at least water, a plurality of water-soluble organic solvents and a coloring material. The coloring material is a pigment, and, it contains a pigment particle having at least one ionic group bonded to a surface of the pigment particle directly or via another at ...

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An aqueous ink, by which stable ink-jet recording can be conducted irrespective of printing environment, a substantially even image having abrasion resistance can be formed, no image soiling is caused even upon double-side printing, and a high-quality image improved in unclearness at a contour porti ...

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The present invention aims to provide an ink which has a sufficiently large area factor even in a small ink droplet quantity and can obtain images having a high image density, and further has a superior storage stability. According to the present invention, a cyan ink is provided which is used in an ...

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An electrophotographic toner composition comprising a toner particle and an additive is disclosed, the toner particle comprising at least a binder resin and a colorant, and the additive being an amorphous titania fine particle subjected to a surface treatment using a coupling agent.

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An apparatus for waste water treatment, wherein fluorine contained in waste water is treated into a fluoride through a chemical reaction and sludge containing the fluoride is thickened and dehydrated into a sludge cake, has first and second tanks each packed with calcium carbonate mineral. In the fi ...

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The system for collection and transmission of road traffic information comprises a lens system installed on a tall structure such as on the roof of a building and angled vertically or diagonally to include in its field of view a road area subjected to observation and a plurality of photoelectric con ...