Kenji Hamaguri, Takao Sakai: Multi-wavelength oximeter having a means for disregarding a poor signal. Minolta Camera Kabushiki Kaisha, Price Gess & Ubell, December 22, 1987: US04714341 (349 worldwide citation)

An oximeter for measuring oxygen saturation in arterial blood includes a light source for projecting light to a body member to be measured, a light responsive circuit for receiving the light which has transmitted through said body member and for generating at least first, second and third signals at ...

Takao Sakai, Kenji Hamaguri: Device for measuring oxygen saturation degree in arterial blood. Minolta Camera Kabushiki Kaisha, Price Gess & Ubell, July 24, 1990: US04942877 (307 worldwide citation)

An improved oximeter device for the calculation of oxygen saturation in arterial blood is provided. A pair of LED's are positioned to transmit red and infrared light through tissue containing the blood. A photo electric converter is provided to receive the transmitted light and convert it into a ele ...

Takao Sakai, Kenji Hamaguri: Apnea detector. Minolta Camera Kabushiki Kaisha, Price Gess & Ubell, August 23, 1988: US04765340 (70 worldwide citation)

A medical apparatus for detecting apnea, in particular, in infants and children. The apparatus measures oxygen saturation in the blood and relates the measurement to a normal condition. The relationship is employed to indicate apnea.

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An optical density detector which comprises a first light source for emitting a first light which belongs to a wavelength region in which the first light is hardly absorbed by a specific material contained in a sample, a second light source for emitting a second light which belongs to a wavelength r ...

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Herein disclosed is a dual-tube heat pipe type heat exchanger comprising a heat pipe confined with a working fluid for transferring a heat as a latent heat by repeating evaporations and condensations. The heat pipe includes an outer tube which is disposed within a hot fluid such that its axis is gen ...

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An olefin is polymerized by using a catalyst consisting essentially of (A) a solid catalyst component containing a magnesium halide and a titanium chloride, (B) an organic aluminum compound, and (C) an ether compound represented by the formula: R.sup.1 R.sup.2 R.sup.3 C(OR.sup.4), R.sup.1 R.sup.2 C( ...

Masami Sugiyama, Takao Sakai: Two-dimensional colorimeter. Minolta, Price Gess & Ubell, July 11, 1995: US05432609 (12 worldwide citation)

A two-dimensional colorimeter focuses light through a beam splitter onto a rotary filter so that a first light receiving element can receive light from multiple points on a sample. A rotating filter can provide multiple measurements based upon different wavelengths of light. A portion of the light f ...

Takao Sakai: Hydraulic machine shutdown sensor assembly. Hitachi, Craig & Antonelli, March 13, 1979: US04144421 (9 worldwide citation)

A system for shutting down a hydraulic machine having a runner mounted on a rotating shaft and a stationary part or parts surrounding the runner, comprising a rod or rods installed on the stationary part or parts opposite to the periphery of the runner, each rod being yieldable to the pressure of th ...

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An improvement of a globoid worm gear generating method based on the "basic member gear theory" and the "secondary action theory" both proposed by the same inventors is disclosed. In one form, the surface of a globoid worm generating tool is defined as the tooth surface of an intermediate gear by a ...

Akira Furuya, Takao Sakai: Bearing case for engine. Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Darby & Darby, November 4, 2003: US06640766 (6 worldwide citation)

A main bearing case has a bearing holder for holding a bearing so as to support a crankshaft, and a crankcase mounting section at which it is joined to a crankcase. Rib walls are provided so as to surround the bearing holder between the bearing holder and the crankcase mounting section. The rib wall ...