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For use on automobiles, the invention provides a compact device for measuring the concentration of a nitrogen oxide in a combustion gas such as an exhaust gas of an internal combustion gas. The device has an ion pumping cell using an oxygen ion conductive solid electrolyte to adjust the partial pres ...

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A connector examining device, in which a retainer for attaching a terminal within a housing can be pushed into the housing simultaneous with an examination of a connector. When a lever is pulled up, a cam comes in contact with a trailing end surface of a detector portion. This allows the detector po ...

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A laminated film made of a first insulating film and a second insulating film having a selectivity of etching condition to the first insulating film is selectively formed on a first conductivity type semiconductor substrate to use the substrate under the laminated film as a base and emitter active r ...

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An optical lens equipped glass fiber is formed by bringing at least one end of a glass fiber into contact with an optical lens forming liquid-like material with the liquid-like material deposited onto the end of the glass fiber in a manner to have a curvature due to its surface tension and, after li ...

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A multilayer circuit board provided with multilayer wiring patterns as upper and lower multilayers is provided, in which on a first circuit board 24 with a first wiring pattern 23 formed thereon a copper foil 27 is bonded through an insulating resin layer 25, the patterning is carried out so as to f ...

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A novel conductive paste and a method of making the same in which metallic gallium is combined with a metal or alloy which forms a eutectic with gallium in an amount in excess of its limit of solubility in gallium at a specific temperature. This melt is then treated with a metal powder of a second m ...


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A novel conductive paste is disclosed which is suitable for use to connect circuit patterns of a printed circuit board.

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An improved wireless remote controller for controlling each of several devices under control in each mode of operation without requiring any switching among devices under control and thus having no device switching key mounted thereon. The wireless remote controller has a plurality of operation sele ...