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An exhaust gas purifying catalyst is provided for purifying NOx contained in an exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine of a vehicle operated at a high air fuel ratio due to excessive oxygen, using unburnt HC or CO in the exhaust gas as a reducing agent. The catalyst comprises platinum, stron ...

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An electronic apparatus of the present invention provides a plurality of equipping portions to be equipped with a memory card for storing a plurality of information, detect means for detecting the equipping portion equipped with the memory card from among the plurality of equipping portions, memory ...

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A wiring glass substrate includes a glass substrate formed of glass and having a plurality of holes formed at predetermined positions, bumps so formed as to be connected to a conductive material filling the holes and wirings formed on a surface opposite to a surface having the bumps formed thereon a ...

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An anti-reflection film is in the form of a laminated film composed of an uppermost film layer containing coloring matter having an absorbing peak in a region near the infrared region of 700 nm-900 nm, or coloring matter having an absorbing peak in a region of 600 nm-700 nm, or both of the above col ...

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A zinc-free lubricating composition for lubricating a continuously variable transmission is disclosed, the lubricating composition comprising a mixture of a major amount of a lubricating oil and an effective amount of a performance enhancing additive combination comprising: (a) an ashless polyisobut ...

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The present invention provides a low-cost electrolytic capacitor wherein the deformation of the casing due to the thermal expansion during reflowing is prevented. An electrolytic capacitor of a surface mounting type having a capacitor element that consists of a dielectric film and an electrode foil, ...

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The present invention provides a functional film composed of an organic film having a low heat resistance and an inorganic thin film in which functional particles such as photocatalytic particles or conductive particles are dispersed, the inorganic thin film being formed on the organic film. The fun ...

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There is disclosed a lubricating oil composition for automatic transmissions which comprises a base oil comprising at least one oil selected from the group consisting of a mineral oil and a synthetic oil each having a specific kinematic viscosity and a % C

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An object of the invention is to provide an engine system driving an engine by using a hydrogen rich gas generated from a medium chemically repeating a hydrogen absorption and a hydrogen desorption as one of fuels, in which the engine system can efficiently generate a hydrogen rich gas from the medi ...

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The present invention relates to a system wherein a pair of relatively movable, facing DLC contact surfaces at least one of which is coated with a DLC film, are further lowered in friction, and the low friction property is stably maintained. The present invention also relates to a lubricant for the ...