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An automotive information display device has a CPU unit capable of performing the processing of various informations, an electronic display unit including a liquid crystal panel and a plurality of switches for selecting the information to be displayed on the liquid crystal panel, and an information- ...


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In a navigation system which has sensors for detecting a running distance, an azimuth, etc. of a vehicle, and a memory for storing map data; a probability density of a position of the vehicle is calculated on the basis of the sensor outputs and the map data for each of quantization units with which ...

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An electric auto power supply has an energy battery which is capable of discharging a current for a comparatively long period of time and high in energy density, and a power battery which is capable of discharging a current of a comparatively high amperage and high in power density. The energy batte ...

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An oxygen permeable soft contact lens material having an improved oxygen permeability, improved softness and transparency prepared by copolymerizing a mixture comprising


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Method for controlling an automatic pipe welder is disclosed. In the automatic welder which requires remote control, welding conditions for butt welding pipes are stored and an actual joint geometry or groove shape is sensed. From signals relating to the stored welding conditions and the sensed groo ...

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At least one smoothing reactor is connected to the positive terminal of a DC source. A first interphase reactor has its one end connected to the other end of the smoothing reactor. A second interphase reactor is connected to the negative terminal of the DC source. Each of the first and second interp ...

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