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In a hydraulic travelling agricultural machine which includes travelling sections, a pump operating unit is disposed in an operating section for controlling the steering and speed change of the travelling sections. The pump operating unit is connected interlockingly to a pair of varible flow rate co ...

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A mimeographic printing machine general comprises: a rotary plate cylinder for supporting a stencil on an outer circumferential surface thereof and having a perforation for passage of ink, the plate cylinder being rotatable with the stencil; means for supplying the ink to an inner circumferential su ...

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One operating lever is provided for moving a traveling vehicle with a working machine back and forth and the working machine vertically and operating a sub-transmission. A sub-transmission switch is provided in a recessed portion formed in a grip of a back-and-forth operating lever so that a quick o ...

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A magnet strip extends along one generator of a printing drum of a rotary stencil printing device. A clamp strip, made of a material which is magnetically attractable, is hinged to said printing drum along a line substantially parallel to said one generator thereof, near one side of said magnet stri ...

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A method for exposing a sheet to light radiation while it is under pressure, in which successive portions of the sheet which slightly overlap one another are sequentially clamped between a pressure plate and a light transmitting plate, and are irradiated with electromagnetic radiation through the li ...

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A drive unit provided with a power transmission path interlockingly connecting an engine (E) to left and right sprockets (

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A production method for a terminal-equipped electrical wire in which a terminal including a bottom plate portion and a pair of wire barrels extending sideward from the bottom plate portion is crimped to a core wire exposed at an end of an electrical wire, includes: a step of placing the core wire on ...

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A terminal (20) includes a connecting portion (24) to which a plurality of wires (11, 12) including conductors (13, 14) having different thicknesses are to be connected side by side, and the connecting portion (24) is stepped. A terminal-wire assembly (10) includes a plurality of wires (11, 12) incl ...

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A wire with crimped terminal is provided with a wire and a crimped terminal connected to a terminal portion of the wire. The crimped terminal is provided with a board-shaped base portion where the wire is arranged; a counterpart member connector provided at a forefront end of the base portion; a pai ...

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A terminal that is connected to an end of an aluminum electric wire obtained by covering core wires with an insulating cover. The terminal is provided with a pair of insulation barrel pieces (crimping pieces) that extend in directions that intersect the longitudinal direction of the aluminum electri ...