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Vapor is separated from mist accompanying the vapor by passing the vapor through a porous membrane. The vapor having passed through the membrane is brought into contact with an object to be washed and condenses thereon, whereby the object is washed.

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A semiconductor substrate adapted to giga-scale integration (GSI) comprises a support, at least the surface of which is made of semiconductor, an electroconductive material layer, an insulating layer and a semiconductor layer arranged sequentially in the above order. The electroconductive material l ...

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A plasma device which is provided with a container, a gas supply system, and an exhaust system. The container is composed of a first dielectric plate made of a material capable of transmitting microwaves. An antenna for radiating microwaves is located on the outside of the container, and an electrod ...

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A cleaning method for peeling and removing photoresists from a semiconductor by applying ultrasound to a cleaning solution comprising a mixture of an organic solvent diluted with pure water and halogenated alkali metal salts, hydrofluoric acid, or ammonium fluoride. The cleaning method removes organ ...

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Disclosed is a semiconductor integrated circuit device adopting a gate array scheme, having a plurality of layers of wiring formed by a Design Automation system. The device according to the present invention includes a semiconductor substrate having basic cell forming regions, the basic cell forming ...

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In the production of a semiconductor integrated circuit device including a selective oxidation step at a high temperature using a nitride film as a mask for isolating respective element regions in a semiconductor wafer with oxidized regions, electrode contact regions and active regions are successiv ...

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A washing apparatus and a washing method, which further improve a washing effect and enable highly clean washing with a small amount of chemical. Also, it is an object of the invention to provide a washing apparatus of high throughput involving rapid switching of various chemicals of high responsibi ...

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A cleaning method capable of processing at room temperatures without conducting heating, uses little chemicals and water, and does not require special devices or materials. The chemical cleaning processes and rinse processes employ pure water or ultrapure water in a semiconductor wet cleaning proces ...

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An ultraviolet light reaction system is constructed for surface cleaning/surface processing, a processing speed and an apparatus size that can not be attained by any conventional chemical reaction system, are realized, and realization of a time-sharing performance/a high-throughput performance/a com ...

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A chemical supply system comprises, as principal elements, a chemical storage tank in which a liquid chemical for cleaning is stored in the state of its formulated concentrate, a chemical supply apparatus connected to the chemical storage tank for positively performing chemical supply, a piping syst ...