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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an angle sensor that can obtain an output signal proportional to relative rotary angle and be made compact at a low cost as much as possible. SOLUTION: This angle sensor 11 is provided with a first magnet M1 and a second magnet M2 different from the first magnet M1 t ...

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In CVD processes susceptors can be made of a thermally conductive ceramic such as aluminum nitride which has superior durability with respect to fluorine plasma. Such aluminum nitride susceptors (39) can include an embedded heater element (43) and/or embedded ground or RF electrodes (41) which as a ...



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An apparatus for use in a crystal manufacturing system based on a floating zone method or Czochralski method, adapted to control a quantity relating to the diameter of a crystal rod at the crystallization boundary, and designed to reduce hunting in the control of the quantity relating to the crystal ...




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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To miniaturize a sensor module offset cancel circuit.SOLUTION: The sensor module offset cancel circuit comprises a strain sensor, operational amplifiers (27-29), a controller for controlling an AD/DA converter, an RFIC connected to the controller, and an antenna connected to th ...

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A method of controlling a floating zone applied to a crystal manufacturing system based on the FZ method and designed to enable the diameter at the crystallization boundary and the axial length of the floating zone or other similar quantities to desired values, in which a floating zone (20) is image ...