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The present invention relates to an anaerobic digestion process for organic wastes with a high efficiency and an improved recovery rate of methane.

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A liquid crystal display element includes a pattern display section defined by the superposing portions of upper and lower display electrodes. In a non-display area around the display section, upper and lower non-display electrodes are arranged so that the superposing portion thereof partially or en ...

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In a liquid crystal display element having a twisted structure wherein the periphery of two transparent glass substrates having electrodes according to desired display patterns is sealed with a sealing medium and a liquid crystal is enclosed in the space thus produced, the one characterized by havin ...

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The disclosure is concerned with a pretreatment process for removing lignin from lignocellulosic material so as to enhance enzymatic or microbial decomposability of cellulose. The pretreatment process comprises wetting lignocellulosic material with an alkaline aqueous solution in a manner that inter ...

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In order to provide a good connection to external circuitry for a liquid crystal display device, electrode terminals provided on a substrate of the device are connected to lead terminals formed on a flexible sheet in alignment with the arrangement of the electode terminals through an elongated plana ...

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Transparent conductive films produced by a series of steps comprising a coating step in which a solution obtained by dissolving an indium compound and a tin compound in an organic solvent is coated on a substrate; a preliminary drying step in which the coated substrate is dried at a temperature of 3 ...

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An electroluminescent element of the type having a anode, an cathode, and an organic layer which contains a luminescent zone and is held between said anode and cathode, characterized in that said luminescent zone contains quaterterrylene or a derivative thereof as the luminescent material.

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A method for manufacturing liquid crystal cells is disclosed, in which a pair of large-area glass substrates are put together, opposite to each other and spaced a small distance apart from each other, so that a plurality of liquid crystal cells are integrally formed between the glass substrates, and ...

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Coating compositions for use in coating can insides which consist essentially of a polar group-containing polyolefin and at least one solvent for the polyolefin, the polyolefin being dispersed in the solid particulate form in the solvent; and a method for applying the same.