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A cardiac pacemaker improved to reduce the weight and size and to unburden the wearer of the pacemaker, while ensuring safe transmission of signals. The cardiac pacemaker includes a cardiac pacemaker main body 100 having at least two electrodes for detecting cardio-information, a control section for ...

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An aqueous ink for ink-jet printing comprises as its main components (i) a water-soluble direct dye and/or acid dye, (ii) a polyhydric alcohol and/or an alkyl ether thereof, (iii) water, and (iv) at least one water-soluble non-ionic surface active agent selected from the group consisting of a polyox ...

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An aqueous ink for ink-jet printing comprising at least a water-soluble dye, a water-soluble organic solvent, a water-soluble preservative and anti-mold agent, and water, wherein

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An ultrasonic probe includes a piezoelectric material layer having a pair of electrodes provided on both main surfaces thereof for applying voltage thereto, and a backing material provided on one electrode. The backing material has an acoustic impedance lower than that of the piezoelectric material ...

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A pressure sensitive adhesive toner for use in electrostatic photography which consists essentially of porous aggregates. Each aggregate consists essentially of a cluster of a multiplicity of individual granules of pressure sensitive adhesive substance, each granule being encapsulated by a coating f ...

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An ultrasonic coupler provided with an ultrasonic wave propagating member formed of a water-containing polymeric gel and a holder for accommodating said propagating member and fixing it to a probe, which ultrasonic coupler is intended to be interposed between a subject under test and an ultrasonic p ...

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A recording medium for ink-jet printing comprising a support material containing at least in the surface portion thereof a water-soluble metal salt with the ion valence of the metal thereof being 2 to 4 and a cationic organic material.

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An electronic clinical thermometer having a store of plural temperature prediction functions in which elapsed measurement time is a variable, each function prescribing a temperature change up to a final, stable temperature. Temperature at a specific point in time is predicted in accordance with a se ...

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An electrocardiograph has an R wave detector for detecting an R wave out of an electrocardiogram (ECG) signal being collected from a subject. When the R wave detector detects an R wave, a heart rate and an ST value of the ECG signal are written to a storage which is assigned to heart rates and ST va ...

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An ultrasonic transducer includes a piezoelectric member consisting of either a unpolarized piezoelectric polymer material or the like, or an in-advance polarized piezoelectric polymer material or the like, a first flexible substrate on which a first electrode set and their connecting leads are form ...