Tadahiro Ohmi, Hiroshi Morokoshi, Michio Yamaji, Shigeaki Tanaka, Keiji Hirao, Yuji Kawano, Takashi Hirose, Kosuke Yokoyama, Michio Kuramochi, Masayuki Hatano, Nobukazu Ikeda: Fluid control apparatus. Tadahiro Ohmi, Fujikin Incorporated, Armstrong Westerman & Hattori, September 9, 2003: US06615871 (23 worldwide citation)

An on-off device disposed at each of the inlet and the outlet of a fluid controller is one of five kinds of on-off devices, i.e., on-off device having a two-port valve, on-off device having a two-port valve and a three-port valve, on-off device having a two-port valve and two three-port valves, on-o ...

Tadahiro Ohmi, Shigetoshi Sugawa, Masaki Hirayama, Yasuyukil Shirai: Semiconductor device. Tadahiro Ohmi, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, December 13, 2005: US06975018 (23 worldwide citation)

In a fabrication method of a semiconductor device including a plurality of silicon-based transistors or capacitors, there exist hydrogen at least in a part of a silicon surface in advance, and the hydrogen is removed by exposing the silicon surface to a first inert gas plasma. Thereafter, plasma is ...

Tadahiro Ohmi, Seiichi Iida, Satoshi Kagatsume, Jun Hirose, Kouji Nishino, Nobukazu Ikeda, Michio Yamaji, Ryousuke Dohi, Kazuhiro Yoshikawa, Mutsunori Koyomogi, Tomio Uno, Eiji Ideta, Takashi Hirose: Method and apparatus for detection of orifice clogging in pressure-type flow rate controllers. Fujikin Incorporated, Tadahiro Ohmi, Tokyo Electron, Griffin & Szipl P C, October 16, 2001: US06302130 (23 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for detection of clogging of an orifice by measuring the upstream side pressure without breaking up the piping system in a flow rate control unit using an orifice, so as to extend the life of the flow rate control unit and enhance its safety. The apparatus of detecting cloggin ...

Shigetoshi Sugawa, Nobuyoshi Tanaka, Toshiji Suzuki, Tadahiro Ohmi, Tadanori Harada: Device and method of photoelectrically converting light into electrical signal. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, July 11, 1989: US04847668 (23 worldwide citation)

A photoelectric transducer device controls a potential of a control electrode region of a semiconductor transistor through a capacitor to perform a storage operation for storing carriers generated upon light excitation of the control electrode region, a read operation for reading a signal from a mai ...

Tadahiro Ohmi, Seiichi Iida, Satoshi Kagatsume, Jun Hirose, Kazuo Fukasawa, Hiroshi Koizumi, Hideki Nagaoka, Tomio Uno, Kouji Nishino, Nobukazu Ikeda, Ryousuke Dohi, Eiji Ideta: Method of detecting abnormalities in flow rate in pressure-type flow controller. Tadahiro Ohmi, Tokyo Electron, Fujikin Incorporated, Griffin & Szipl P C, September 17, 2002: US06450190 (23 worldwide citation)

A method of detecting abnormalities in flow rate in pressure-type flow controller. The method checks the flow rate for abnormalities while controlling the flow rate of fluid in a pressure-type flow controller FCS using an orifice—the pressure-type flow controller wherein with the upstream pressure P

Tadahiro Ohmi, Keiji Hirao, Shigeaki Tanaka, Michio Yamaji, Hiroshi Morokoshi, Nobukazu Ikeda: Shutoff-opening device. Tadahiro Ohmi, Fujikin Incorporated, Armstrong Westerman Hattori McLeland & Naughton, November 23, 1999: US05988217 (22 worldwide citation)

A valve body has a main body formed with an inflow channel for a first fluid, an inflow channel for a second fluid, and an outflow channel for the first and second fluids in common. The first fluid inflow channel is always in communication with the common outflow channel through a valve chamber. A v ...

Tadashi Shibata, Masahiro Konda, Tadahiro Ohmi: Computing circuit, computing apparatus, and semiconductor computing circuit. Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, February 10, 2004: US06691145 (22 worldwide citation)

A computing circuit capable of computing an absolute difference with high-speed analog computation, a computing apparatus capable of computing the sum of absolute differences and a semiconductor computing circuit achievable with simple circuitry and suitable for use in such a computing circuit or ap ...

Hirohisa Kikuyama, Masayuki Miyashita, Tatsuhiro Yabune, Tadahiro Ohmi: Etchant. Stella Chemifa Kabushiki Kaisha, Randall J Knuth, July 1, 2003: US06585910 (21 worldwide citation)

An etching treatment agent which can etch insulating film with high speeds without damaging the resist pattern, provide realistic throughput when the insulting film etching process in the semiconductor manufacturing process is replaced with the single wafer processing etching treatment method, and p ...

Tadahiro Ohmi, Masahiro Miki, Hirohisa Kikuyama, Matagoro Maeno: Method of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride etching. Hashimoto Chemical, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, December 17, 1991: US05073232 (21 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a dry-etching apparatus composed of any of metal, silica, ceramic or combination thereof including a processing chamber in which substrates are placed and a diluted anhydrous hydrogen fluoride gas generator, the processing chamber being connected to the diluted anhydrous hydrogen fluori ...

Jun ichi Nishizawa, Tadahiro Ohmi: Gallium arsenide static induction transistor. Zaidan Hojin Handotai Kenkyu Shinkokai, Cushman Darby & Cushman, September 4, 1984: US04470059 (21 worldwide citation)

A gallium arsenide static induction transistor of normally-off type simple in manufacture and exhibiting a superior function and suitable for use in low and medium power operation in integrated circuit is obtained by arranging so that its channel region has a length l (.mu.m), a width (.mu.m) and an ...

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