Akira Nakano, Tadahiro Ohmi: Plasma processing apparatus and method capable of performing uniform plasma treatment by control of excitation power. Alps Electric, Tadahiro Ohmi, Beyer Weaver & Thomas, September 21, 2004: US06792889 (43 worldwide citation)

A plasma processing apparatus includes a chassis accommodating an impedance matching circuit. The impedance matching circuit is placed between an RF generator and a plasma excitation electrode. Magnetic probes for detecting a magnetic field generated at a slit in a sidewall of the chassis are placed ...

Tadahiro Ohmi, Koji Nishino, Nobukazu Ikeda, Akihiro Morimoto, Yukio Minami, Koji Kawada, Ryosuke Dohi, Hiroyuki Fukuda: Pressure type flow rate control apparatus. Fujikin Incorporated, Tadahiro Ohmi, Griffin Butler Whisenhunt & Szipl, October 6, 1998: US05816285 (42 worldwide citation)

A pressure type flow rate control apparatus (1) controls flow rate of a fluid in an environment where a ratio of P2/P1 between an absolute pressure P1 at an upstream side of an orifice and an absolute pressure P2 at a downstream side of the orifice is maintained at a value less than about 0.7. The a ...


Tadahiro Ohmi, Senri Ojima, Takahisa Nitta: Cleaning method for peeling and removing photoresist. Tadahiro OHMI, Randall J Knuth, January 12, 1999: US05858106 (41 worldwide citation)

A cleaning method for peeling and removing photoresists from a semiconductor by applying ultrasound to a cleaning solution comprising a mixture of an organic solvent diluted with pure water and halogenated alkali metal salts, hydrofluoric acid, or ammonium fluoride. The cleaning method removes organ ...

Tadahiro Ohmi: Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus. Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, April 25, 1989: US04824546 (41 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor manufacturing for depositing an insulating thin film on a surface of a semiconductor substrate in a vacuum vessel at an atmosphere of reduced pressure, wherein radiofrequency powers each having different first and second radiofrequencies are applied respectively to a target electrode ...

Tadahiro Ohmi, Masaki Hirayama, Haruyuki Takano, Yusuke Hirayama: Plasma etching device. Tadahiro Ohmi, Tokyo Electron, Randall J Knuth, July 1, 2003: US06585851 (40 worldwide citation)

A plasma etching device which has an auxiliary electrode enabling realization of a uniform plasma density of generated plasma on the surface of a base and which enables uniform etching with respect to the base without depending upon pressure and without rotating a magnetic field applying means. The ...

Tadahiro Ohmi, Kazuhiko Sugiyawa, Fumio Nakahara, Masaru Umeda: Process gas supply piping system. Tadahiro OHMI, Albert L Jeffers, Anthony Niewyk, April 17, 1990: US04917136 (39 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to the supply piping system of the process gas for various types of thin-film making and fine pattern dry etching process, and more particularly to the process gas supply system, which makes it possible to form high quality thin films and to perform high quality etching.

Junichi Nishizawa, Tadahiro Ohmi: Integrated circuit employing insulated gate electrostatic induction transistor. Handotai Kenkyu Shinkokai, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak and Seas, February 17, 1987: US04644386 (38 worldwide citation)

An insulated gate electrostatic induction transistor and an integrated circuit employing such an insulating gate electrostatic induction transistor as a drive transistor. A highly resistive channel region is provided on a semiconductor substrate of higher conductivity. A highly doped source region i ...

Tadahiro Ohmi: Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus. Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt, October 17, 1989: US04874494 (38 worldwide citation)

A bias-sputtering apparatus is characterized by having a radio-frequency power source and an exhaust unit and means for impressing a DC bias to at least one of the susceptor and the target electrodes. That is, the invention is a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus for depositing a thin film on the ...

Tadahiro Ohmi: Semiconductor integrated circuit. Albert L Jeffers, Anthony Niewyk, March 6, 1990: US04907053 (37 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor integrated circuit includes an insulated-gate transistor serving as a driving transistor and composed of source and drain regions of one conductivity type with a high impurity concentration, a channel region disposed between the source and drain regions, an insulating layer covering ...

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