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Connector assemblies for mounting electrical components and for establishing electrical connection with the same are provided with a support base which defines an engaging hole to accept a connector subassembly. The connector subassembly includes an electrically insulating base member, and a pair of ...

T Takano, Y Kosuga, K Sinzawa: Waterproof and dustproof push switch. Daiichi Denso Buhin, Nixon & Vanderhye, November 5, 1991: US05063277 (13 worldwide citation)

A push switch includes an electrically insulating cylindrical base defining an interior space in which an actuator is movably disposed. Fixed contacts are associated with the base, while an inverted V-shaped contact is carried by the actuator so as to be capable of coming into contact with the fixed ...

T Takano: Slide switch. Kabushiki Kaisha T and T, Nixon & Vanderhye, August 27, 1991: US05043540 (7 worldwide citation)

A slide switch includes a slide body having a movable electrical contact. An insulating housing for the sliding body is formed in a substantially inverted U-shape and is provided with a slot to allow a knob to project therethrough and thus permit the sliding body to be manually manipulated. The hous ...