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System and method for identifying a component, such as an optical probe or pneumatic scissors, of an ophthalmic surgical device. A component of a surgical device includes an identifier, such as a RFID tag. Data from the RFID tag is transmitted to a RFID reader in the device. A controller determines ...

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A midinfrared laser tissue ablater having an Er:YAG radiation source optically connected to a first end of a fiber optic cable, a probe with a handle and a bifurcated cannula having a first half and a second half and a generally closed, hollow tip having an opening opposite the handle, a fiber optic ...

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A method of calculating the required power of an intraocular lens to be implanted in an eye having the steps of measuring the axial length, preoperative anterior chamber depth and natural lens thickness of the eye, measuring and averaging corneal radii of curvature along a first axis and along a sec ...

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A package having two halves that are connected by a hinge. The hinge allows the halves to be folded against each other about a device and held in this position by snap/indentation pairs. A folded tab on one half rests against a detent on the other half. Pushing down on the folded tab causes the tab ...

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A solid-state tunable laser having a ND:YAG pumping source, a chromium-doped fosterite crystal lasing medium, a birefringent filter for selecting a specific fundamental wavelength, a pair of harmonic generating crystals mounted on counter-rotating platforms driven by stepper motors under the control ...

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A continuous high resolution fluid level monitoring system is provided by embodiments of the present invention. This continuous high resolution fluid level monitoring system includes a unique fluid level sensor having a point light source, parabolic reflector, sensor array, and detection, processing ...

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An ophthalmic apparatus for precisely positioning an optical instrument, such as a wavefront aberrometer, in three dimensions with respect to a patient's eye. The ophthalmic apparatus may include an optical instrument directed in a first direction toward a target area to receive light therefrom and ...

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The present invention provides a surgical footswitch that includes a base, a pedal, an encoder assembly, a wireless interface, and an internal power generator. The pedal mounts upon the base and pivots. The encoder assembly couples to the pedal. As the pedal pivots, the encoder assembly translates t ...

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An intraocular data display device having an N.times.M display with each row (N) and column (M) of the display confined by a planar waveguide array. The waveguides will form uniform pixel size anywhere on the display and ensure uniform pixel luminance across the display.