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An absorbable bone screw and plate system with self-locking properties. The absorbable bone screw comprises a threaded shaft portion 1 for insertion into bone and a head portion 3 for rigid connection in the screw hole 13 of a bone plate 20, the diameter of said head portion 3 increasing in the dire ...

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The present invention relates in general to implantable, resorbable copolymers containing L-lactide and glycolide repeat units, and in particular to terpolymers containing L-lactide, glycolide, and one other type of repeat unit selected from the group consisting of D-lactide, D,L-lactide, and &egr;- ...

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The device is implantable in the living body for attachment and augmentation of tendons and/or reinforcement of bones. It comprises a substantially flat membrane having a rounded outer shape and at least two perforations. The membrane contains resorbable or degradable polymeric and/or polymeric-cera ...

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Bone defects after trauma, tumor resection, etc. still present a major clcal problem. Current treatment with bone grafts, bone-inducing substances, Ilizarov techniques, artificial prosthetic replacements, or bone transplants are only partially satisfying. Bioresorbable shell structures for treatment ...

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A method for delivering a therapeutically effective drug via a hardenable ceramic hydraulic cement composition including a first component of at least one sodium or calcium salts of inorganic and organic acids, a second component of at least one alkaline, and optionally third and fourth components i ...

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The resorbable fixation device is useful for treating torn bodily material in vivo. It has a tip, a head, and a cylindrically shaped shaft portion lying between the tip and the head. The shaft portion has at least one retention element protruding radially therefrom to facilitate insertion of said sh ...

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A bone regeneration membrane containing resorbable or degradable, polymeric and/or polymeric-ceramic material with a glass transition temperature in the range of -30.degree. to +200.degree. C.

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A method producing a multilayered prosthesis material for use with a living body, said material showing mechanical compliance vis-a-vis soft body tissue and possessing biocompatibility. The method comprising the steps:

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Method of preparing a new synthetic surgical filament material by spinning a mixture of a polyester and an additive.