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The present invention relates to a multiphase cleansing bar having a plurality of phases of cleansing material. Adjacent phases preferably have different concentration levels of benefit components respectively and all the phases individually preferably have a substantially similar cleansing base con ...

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A multi-phase solid toilet article whose phases are separated by a membrane, and processes for making the article are described. Each phase is reproducibly fabricated to form an article allowing the user to sequentially or simultaneously derive benefits from the different materials contained in the ...

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A cleansing bar composition is described comprising an anionic surfactant, a C6 to C18 free fatty acid, and a fatty alcohol having a melting point under about 35°C. and optionally a hydrophobic emollient. Useful emolients include triglycerides, hydrocarbons, silicones, fatty esters, and mixtures the ...

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A pumpable, fluid composition of amine oxide, betaine and/or sultaine is prepared with active concentration of about 36-45% of these materials by the addition of alkaline earth or aluminum salts.

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A multi-phase melt cast toilet bar which has at least one interface along a plane perpendicular to the plane formed by the x and y-axis of said bar, and a process of making the bar is described. Each phase, containing a cleansing agent, is reproducibly positioned in the bar to be used simultaneously ...

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A low water content cleansing composition in toilet bar form is described which includes high levels of emollients having a melting point below 25 C., 12-hydroxystearic acid as a structuring agent, and at least one detersive surfactant. Useful emollients that are liquid at room temperature may inclu ...

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A stress-release mold is described for casting thermosetting compositions especially compositions designed for consumer use. At least one wall of the mold includes a stress-releasing-element characterized by having a more flexible region or regions than the remaining wall or walls of the mold and wh ...

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Toilet bar compositions are described that contain specific odor masking agent(s). The odor masking agent(s) reduce malodor without the need for elevated amounts of masking fragrances that individuals may not prefer and who use the composition for personal cleansing or who are exposed to the composi ...


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A liquid or flowable cleansing composition is described that contains high levels of anionic and nonionic surfactants and that show a substantial increase in viscosity upon dilution with water. The cleansing composition also contains water soluble EO/PO block copolymer(s).