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A method of fabricating a silicon wafer, which includes the steps of preparing a silicon wafer by slicing, grinding, and cleaning an ingot, inserting the silicon wafer in a diffusion furnace having an ambience of one of Ar, N

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A method for filament winding a pressure vessel having at both end domes thereof holes of different diameters and preferably used for a high pressure combustor of a rocket engine. The present method comprises first and second winding processes. In the first process, the first mandrel on which the wi ...

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A method of fabricating an annealed wafer of high quality by forming a defect-free active region of a device and controlling an irregular resistivity characteristic. The method includes a first annealing step of pre-heating a silicon wafer at a temperature of about 500° C. in a furnace in an ambienc ...

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The vacuum insulator in accordance with the present invention comprises glass white wool body which density is 0.1˜0.5 g/cm3 in density and is below 0.0023 kcal/mh° C. in thermal conductivity, and a non permeable container surrounding the body in which the pressure is between 10−6 ˜10−1 torr. The va ...

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The system and method of the present application is a microfluidic array system for biological, chemical and biochemical assessments including a microfluidic chip for reaction assays, wherein the microfluidic chip includes a control layer and a fluidic layer, wherein the control layer is pressurized ...

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The present invention relates to a metal nanoplate, a method for manufacturing same, and a conductive ink composition and a conductive film comprising metal nanoplate. The metal nanoplate does not require application of a high temperature and high pressure and thus can be easily manufactured at a lo ...

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The present invention relates to a belt-shaped metal nanostructure in which a wide surface area of catalytically active material can be realized even by a relatively small amount thereof so that it shows an excellent catalytic activity, and a method for preparing same.

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This disclosure relates to a method of preparing a metal nanobelt. According to the method, a metal nanobelt having various applicabilities, for example, capable of easily forming a conductive film or a conductive pattern with excellent conductivity, may be easily prepared by a simple process at roo ...

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A preparation method of a copper particle composition includes dissolving a copper carboxyl compound, or a carboxyl group-containing compound and a copper salt, in a solvent to prepare a copper(II) precursor solution; putting a weak reducing agent with a standard reduction potential of −0.2 to −0.05 ...

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A Cu2O spherical assembly particle composition is composed of Cu2O spherical assembly particles, each of which is formed by agglomerating a plurality of Cu2O ultrafine particles that have an average diameter in the range from 1 to 100 nm and a standard deviation on the diameter in the range from 0 t ...