Fukumoto Masaaki, Sugimura Toshiaki: Portable electronic equipment, electronic equipment, oscillation generator, reporting method by oscillation, and report control method. NTT Docomo, May 24, 2002: JP2002-149312 (83 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable a user to easily confirm acceptance of an operation input or response of electronic equipment to the operation input without seeing a picture.SOLUTION: A CPU 113 drives an oscillation actuator 115 through a driving signal generation circuit 114 to generate oscillation ...

Otsuji Seita, Sugimura Toshiaki: Voice recognition system, portable information terminal, device and method for processing audio information, and audio information processing program. NTT Docomo, February 14, 2003: JP2003-044091 (55 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To speedily perform accurate recognizing processing while reducing the burden on a device. SOLUTION: Processing up to the extraction of phonemic information is performed by a client 1 and the following recognition of a language level is performed on the side of a server 2.


Ota Masaru, Machida Motohiro, Otsuji Seita, Suzuki Hironori, Sugimura Toshiaki: Contents distributing system, contents distributing method, communication system, communication method, radio communication device, commodity transaction processing server, contents information displaying method and commodity information displaying method. NTT Docomo, July 5, 2002: JP2002-189663 (25 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To facilitate a transaction of contents and commodity by transmitting information of the contents and commodity between radio communication devices (for example, portable terminals).SOLUTION: A portable terminal 100 sends content information managed in a memory managing part 10 ...

Fukumoto Masaaki, Sugimura Toshiaki: Communication system. NTT Docomo, October 26, 2001: JP2001-298425 (15 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a communication system, that can makes stable communication independently of the relation between a transmission medium and earth grounding and an installation interval between a transmitter and a receiver, by directly detecting the electric field induced in the tran ...

Fukumoto Masaaki, Sugimura Toshiaki, Ishigaki Shoichiro: Mobile phone and sound information transmitter in mobile phone. NTT Docomo, November 24, 2000: JP2000-324217 (15 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enhance reception performance under the presence of a noise without impairing portability. SOLUTION: A vibration attachment 30, that is nearly semispherical, is projected from an upper end of an body 31 of this mobile phone. When a user touches the mobile phone to the ear, t ...

Nakagawa Tomohiro, Yoshikawa Takashi, Ota Masaru, Isoda Keitoku, Sugimura Toshiaki: Mobile communication terminal and connection method possible to connect with ad hoc network. NTT Docomo, August 15, 2003: JP2003-230167 (14 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a desirable gateway terminal and a connection method to select ad hoc route based on a collected handover index and/or an ad hoc route control index for a mobile communication terminal which is possible to connect with an ad hoc network.SOLUTION: A mobile communicati ...

Fukumoto Masaaki, Sugimura Toshiaki: Command entry device. NTT Docomo, May 16, 2003: JP2003-143683 (13 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a command entry device with excellent operability and user-friendliness.SOLUTION: An acceleration sensor or the like is incorporated in the command entry device 1 such as an earphone microphone and senses vibration when a user knocks a microphone main body or the bod ...

Fukumoto Masaaki, Ishigaki Shoichiro, Sugimura Toshiaki, Nakano Hirotaka: Wireless communication unit connected detachably with external unit. NTT Docomo, June 6, 2001: EP1104976-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

A wireless telecommunications unit is attachable to and detachable from an external unit such as a personal computer, and has a wireless telecommunications means, amicrocontroller, and a memory mechanism. The wireless telecommunications means has an identification number for wireless telecommunicati ...

Katagiri Masaji, Sugimura Toshiaki, Nakano Hirotaka, Inaba Hiroshi, Akasaka Tsutomu, Chai Toshiaki, Yasuda Toshihiro: Device and method for inputting handwritten data, personal certification device and its method. NTT Docomo, Matsushita Commun, Cyber Sign Japan, July 12, 2002: JP2002-196874 (10 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a device and a method for inputting handwritten data written in the air as three-dimensional(3D) coordinate data.SOLUTION: In a step S2-1, a user moves a pen device 30 in the air to sign his (or her) name. In a step S2-2, the pen device 30 is photographed by respecti ...

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