Zhengxing Sun
Teng Lirong, Meng Qingfan, Liu Danmei, Zhou Jie, Tian Xiaole, Su Zhengxing, Sun Fengying: Dried wood-louse extract, preparation method and use thereof in preparing analgesic. Jilin University, Chen Hongwei, March 25, 2009: CN200810051393

The invention relates to a pillbug extract, a preparation method and the application in the preparation of analgesic medicines; baked-dried pillbug powder is crushed and added into water to be decocted; then supernatant is obtained after centrifugation; the supernatant solution is decompressed and c ...

Lu Cuitao, Su Zhengxing, Lv Haifeng, Zhao Yingzheng: Paliperidone amino-acid ester and preparation method thereof. Lu Cuitao, March 27, 2013: CN201110280784

The invention discloses a preparation method of a paliperidone amino-acid ester compound or medicinal salt thereof used for treating mental disease, wherein the structural formula of the compound is shown as a formula (I) (described in the specification). The compound can be an optical isomer and al ...

CAO JINQUAN, SU ZHENGXING, WANG DUANTONG, WANG XIAOWEI, LIU JIE: [ZH] 药物组合物, [EN] Pharmaceutical composition. ZHEJIANG HISUN PHARMACEUTICAL, September 10, 2014: CN107448451

[EN] The invention relates to a pharmaceutical freeze-dried composition containing the active component CBLB612 shown as formula I and its pharmaceutically acceptable salts, and the pharmaceutical freeze-dried composition can be used for anti-radiation assisted medication or antitumor drug assisted ...


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