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A shaped article comprising at least a core element having generally flat top and bottom surfaces, the core element being made of elastic polymer and preferably reinforced. Presently preferred forms of the article are those in which the core element has a covering element secured to one or, in some ...

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An article for the relief of pain and restricted movement of joints resulting from arthritic disease or trauma comprising a relatively thick contoured or cup-like member with a curved smooth surface provided by a layer of biocompatible elastomer and the opposite surface covered by a biocompatible ti ...

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A prosthetic device with sub-periosteal, periosteal, or bone surface attachment for stress support, comprising a rigid reinforcing member and an elastomer-impregnated fibrous or woven fabric covering such member and firmly fixed to it. In one embodiment, a fibrous reinforced elastomer condyle-like m ...

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This prosthesis for replacement of a skeletal hinged joint comprises a unitary member of elastomer having a central hinge portion with a stem at each end, the stems being inclined with respect to each other. Each stem has a base adapted for insertion into a medullary canal of a bone of the joint. Th ...

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A prosthesis useful in the repair or replacement of damaged or diseased joints in the human body, in particular of those which require unrestricted orbiting motion such as the base of the thumb, carpal bones of the wrist, shoulder joints and the like. A molded body portion replaces at least the arti ...

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A tendon prosthesis for repair or replacement of a damaged or diseased natural tendon which comprises an elongated member made of biocompatible material having a central portion and two end sections at least one of which has a plurality of longitudinally arranged fenestrations for interweaving with ...