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A method and apparatus for scheduling, in real-time, the order in which data packets from multiple uplink channels are organized in a downlink channel of a satellite communications network. The satellite includes uplink and downlink channels for conveying data packets over channels between user term ...

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A permuted interleaver/deinterleaver system for interleaving the bits of a digital communications system such that bursts of error bits are separated for more effective communications. The interleaver/deinterleaver system includes an interleaver and deinterleaver having a number of permuted rows of ...

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Coordination of processing satellite uplink transmission and downlink transmission is achieved by an uplink encoder (

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A decision directed phase locked loop (DD-PLL) is efficiently implemented in a communication receiver. The phase locked loop includes an enhanced block decoder inside a phase detector which takes in the baseband complex samples and the current channel phase estimate (or the tracked phase) and genera ...

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Communication satellite downlink transmitting and reception techniques includes circuitry which groups a predetermined number of data cells with a predetermined error correction code to generate frame bodies. The circuitry also groups the frame bodies with header symbols and trailer symbols to gener ...


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A frame signal (100) for communicating payloads (104, 110) of data includes a first payload field (104) and a first header field (102) with a first frame type indicator (120). The frame signal (100) also includes a second payload field (110) and a second header field (108) smaller than the first hea ...

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A technique for producing detection and synchronization signals with respect to a received pseudo-random (PN) signal, with optimum signal-to-noise performance and reduced complexity and cost of hardware. Correlation of the received signal with early and late reference signals is performed in such a ...

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The present invention provides a comprehensive method for controlling, independently, transmit power and coding levels for data transmitted in uplinks and downlinks. One preferred embodiment of the present invention provides a method for adaptive coding of data in a downlink. A data error rate assoc ...

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A method and apparatus for mitigation of false co-channel uplink reception, also known as show-thru, in an uplink A due to an uplink B at a satellite receiver. The method includes storing multiple scrambling sequences associated with respective individual uplinks, including a scrambling sequence A, ...