Stow Robert H, Groff Gaylord L: Small-particle-loaded electrically conductive adhesive tape. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, October 2, 1973: US3762946 (43 worldwide citation)

Electrically conductive adhesive tapes in which the layer of adhesive is made conductive by the inclusion of small, complex metal particles having a low apparent density.

Stow Robert H: Hot-tackifying adhesive tape.. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, July 13, 1983: EP0083499-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

Hot-tackifying adhesive tape, the adhesive layer of which is an acrylic polymer which is nontacky or poorly tacky at ordinary room temperature, but at any temperature over a wide range of elevated temperatures, it becomes tacky and adheres upon contact to clean substrates without the application of ...

Stow Robert H: Heat activated adhesive tape. Minnesota Mining &Amp Amp Mfg Co, March 17, 1989: KR1019820005851

A heat-activated adhesive tape comprises a heat-resistant flexible backing and an adhesive layer. The backing is an electroconductive metal foil or a knitted glass fiber. The adhesive layer contains one or more acrylic polymers of an acrylic ester monomer. The acrylic ester monomer is C1-8 alkyl (me ...