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A means for zeroing a small caliber weapon on a target at night without fng the weapon. The means comprises using a boresight alignment light emitting a continuous infrared light that is mounted on a tapered mandrel with the mandrel inserted into the muzzle end of the weapon, an aiming light mounted ...

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An underwater viewing system is described which provides enhanced viewing means of an image intensification tube. The unit is binocular and permits wide angle direct viewing as well as the more narrow intensified field of view best suited for submerged operation at night or in a low light environmen ...

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The invention herein generally relates to a data card reader. The data cards to be read have a data format arranged in columns and rows with the initial two columns devoted to a predetermined error check data pattern to be read for determining if the card reader is functioning correctly. A row of ti ...


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Apparatus for differential thermal analysis, which can exhibit good sensitivity, includes as a differential thermocouple a loop of wire shaped to accept and support a sample dish, a thermoelectric bead in the loop of wire, and at least one electric lead wire extending downwardly from the loop of wir ...


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Systems, apparatuses, methods, and computer program products for item handling, including in-feeding and individually out-feeding of items, such as pieces of mail, parcels, or articles of manufacture. Destacking each successive leading item, individually, in a stack or series of items by automatical ...

Stone Robert L: Transport de ruban, Tape transport. Raymond Engineering, January 23, 1979: CA1047015

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A peripheral belt tape transport for driving flangelesshubs 18 presented. The hub shafts and idlers for the tapedrive are convex.

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A method and apparatus for sorting articles to a delivery point sequence includes at least one sortation assembly adapted to sort articles and a buffer. The buffer is operable to arrange and convey containers of articles sorted in a first sort pass to an induct of the at least one sortation assembly ...

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ABSTRACT This invention comprises the use, during the platingprocessing of thin-film magnetic recording media, of anoxidizing treatment immediately preceding the electroplatingof the magnetic layer. This oxidizing treatment can becontrolled to produce desired high levels of coercive forceand low lev ...