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A medical electrical lead system having a torque transfer stylet. In a preferred embodiment, the torque transfer stylet comprises an elongated, stylet wire having proximal, intermediate and distal sections. The proximal and distal section of the stylet wire have a first diameter. The intermediate se ...

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A body implantable lead for the delivery of stimulation energy to a desired body site including a drug dispenser carried by the lead which retains a drug to be dispensed while allowing a dispensing of that drug at least adjacent the desired body stimulation site. The drug may be one which is intende ...

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An implantable electrically actuated medical device having one or more electrochemical cells and operative electric circuitry mounted in a metallic container, all of which are positioned in a spacer member made of a material which is highly permeable with respect to hydrogen gas, relatively impervio ...


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A cardiac pacing lead or other stimulation lead carrying a steroid compounded within a polymer matrix. The steroid is dispersed in thermoplastic or thermoset polyurethane or polyurea forming monomers or prepolymers. The mixture is then chain extended by addition of the appropriate difunctional or mu ...

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A chronic myocardial pacing lead for the delivery of stimulation energy to and the sensing of electrical signals from the myocardium of a human heart. In one embodiment the lead is bipolar, having a sleeve electrode (20) implanted into the myocardium and a pad electrode (15) positioned on the epicar ...

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Nitrocellulose coatings are improved through the use of adducts of certain aliphatic oximes and polymeric fat acid based isocyanates.

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The present invention provides delivery systems for delivering conduction protein genetic material to cardiac cells in localized areas of the heart to improve the conductance therein. More specifically, there is provided a system for delivering connexin proteins or nucleic acid molecules encoding co ...