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A container closure assembly comprising a rigid lid and a separately formed flexibly resilient sealing member mounted to the lid and moveable with the lid between closed and open positions relative to the container. Rocking lugs are integrally formed with either the lid or the seal member for a rock ...

Stig Lillelund, Jakob Heiberg, Robert H C M Daenen: Shaker and blender. Dart, John A Doninger, August 20, 1996: US05547275 (54 worldwide citation)

A shaker for flowable foodstuffs including a reversible blender insert seatable within the upwardly opening enlarged mouth of the shaker vessel and retained, in either position, by an overlying releasable snap-locked pouring spout, the assembly being closed by an overlying threaded cap. The blender ...

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A seal for a container having an outwardly directed annular rim. The seal includes a top panel with a central section and an annular lever section integrally joined to the central section by a living hinge. A side wall integrally depends from the outer periphery of the lever section and includes an ...

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A salad spinner having a base which receives a basket for rotation therein. A cover mounts to the base and includes a drive plate with engages the basket to drive same. The basket includes an upper edge spaced closely to the base for stability. The basket further includes one or more access depressi ...

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A mixing bowl of generally arcuate configuration and including laterally spaced stabilizing ribs extending along the outer surface thereof between the base and a mouth-defining rim. The ribs, upon an inclination of the bowl, continuously define a laterally extending support plane. The interior of th ...

Stig Lillelund, Mikael Koch: Pet feeding station. Dart, John A Doninger, October 1, 1996: US05560316 (23 worldwide citation)

A pet feeding station including an enlarged floor tray having a mounting wall which selectively mounts feeding containers in selected predetermined spacings on the tray by individual retainers on each container selectively engaged with a series of retainer-receiving recesses on the tray wall.

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A container lid engageable with the planar outer edge of a container mouth in overlying sealing relation to the mouth. The lid includes a depending peripheral sealing flange engaged with the container adjacent the mouth, and a top panel with a base surface having a pair of spaced fulcrums seated on ...

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A condiment shaker including a vertically elongate base of generally conical configuration and defining an upwardly opening mouth. A separate unitary seal releasably snap-mounts over the mouth and includes hinge-joined lower and upper walls having annular outer portions selectively moveable to expos ...

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A carrier for pastry including a tray and a cover selectively engageable over the tray. A handle integrally formed with the tray has opposed depending end portions releasably locked within opposed slots in the tray. Latching projections are provided on each end of the handle and are releasably locke ...

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A container for storing items, such as foodstuffs. The container includes a sidewall which includes a monolithic window portion having greater transparency than the remainder of the sidewall. This is achieved by forming the container of a clear, tinted material, and forming the window portion with a ...