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A suction-irrigating instrument having a working tip structure and a supply handle structure, each constructed of a pair of interconnected tubes, and means for connecting the supply tubes of the handle structure with the delivery tubes of the working tip, said connecting means including a resilient ...

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A combination surgical instrument is provided for applying vacuum and delivering fluid to a work area. The instrument includes a readily detachable work tool having a fluid delivering tube and an integrally attached vacuum-applying tube, with the entrance end of the vacuum tube projecting beyond the ...

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A control system is provided for selectively and randomly operating a plurality of surgical instruments from a power source with a single operator controlled switch. The system includes an instrument supporting tray including a plurality of instrument holders for receiving and holding the surgical i ...

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A pressure relief valve assembly particularly for use with a sphygmomanometer having a housing, an internal axial bore for passing pressurized air through the housing, a transverse bore intersecting the axial bore and communicating with the exterior of the housing, a flexible, resilient member mount ...

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Door handles especially adapted for use on sliding 'pocket' type doors permitting single hand opening and closing. Means is also provided adapting the handles for replacement of existing door operating means without carpentry work involving repair or remodeling of the previous carpentry.

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A dental handpiece including a housing and a collet rotatably mounted within the housing having as a force transmitting means a substantially non-compressible, non-fluid, but readily deformable gel confined within an internal chamber of constant volume but of variable shape to transmit gripping forc ...

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The disclosure hereinafter set forth relates to force transmission in any environment. As an essential element in the working force system a substantially noncompressible, nonfluid, but readily deformable gel is employed. In such force transmission, the gel is deformed within a confining but variabl ...


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PATENT APPLICATIONof JAMES M. STEWARTfor SUCTION-IRRIGATOR ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A suction-irrigating instrument having a working tipstructure and a supply handle structure, each constructed ofa pair of interconnected tubes, and means for connecting thesupply tubes of the handle structure with ...

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An apparatus and method are described that control the volume and/or pressure of gas (2) injected into an animal carcass (34) to reduce the forces and ergonomic stresses encountered during the separation of meat from adjacent animal bone or tissue. The device and method can utilize stored data to op ...