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Metal coordination complexes comprising a metal of Group 3 (except Sc), 4-10 or the lanthanide series and a delocalized PI -bonded moiety have said moiety substituted with a constrain-inducing moiety which reduces the angle at the metal between the centroid of said PI -bonded moiety and at least one ...

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Addition polymerization catalysts having a limiting charge separated structure corresponding to the formula: LMX XA, wherein: L is a derivative of a substituted delocalized PI -bonded group imparting a constrained geometry to the metal active site and containing up to 50 nonhydrogen atoms; M is a me ...


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A monocyclopentadienyl or substituted monocyclopentadienyl metal complex containing compound useful as an addition polymerization catalyst corresponds to the formula: CpMXnA wherein: Cp is a single eta -cyclopentadienyl or eta -substituted cyclopentadienyl group optionally covalently bonded to M thr ...

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Olefins are polymerized by the use of catalysts comprising biscyclopentadienyl, Group 4 transition metal complexes formed with conjugated dienes wherein the diene is bound to the transition metal either in the form of a sigma -complex or a pi -complex in combination with activating cocatalysts.

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The subject invention pertains to homogeneous liquid low molecular weight ethylene/alpha-olefin polymers having a number average molecular weight (Mn) as determined by gel permeation chromatography, of less than 25, 000, a total crystallinity, as measured by DSC, of less than 10 %, and a pour point, ...


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A catalyst composition comprising a zirconium complex of a polyvalent aryloxyether and an alumoxane, polymerization processes employing the same, especially the continuous, solution polymerization of ethylene and one or more C3-30 olefins or diolefins to prepare copolymers having reduced cocatalyst ...

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The present invention relates to an ethylene homo- or interpolymer, comprised of ethylene and optionally one C3-C20 alpha -olefins characterized in that the polymer has 0.01 to 3 long chain branches per 1000 carbons.