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There is described in one embodiment an eye viewing device for viewing a structure of an eye such as a retina. The eye viewing device can include an image sensor. In one embodiment an eye viewing device can be adapted to facilitate both visual viewing of an eye structure and electronic image capture ...

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A tip for coupling sound between a medical instrument and an ear includes a sealing surface configured to substantially conform the tip to an auditory canal of the ear. The tip includes an acoustic tube acoustically coupled to at least one of the plurality of openings and defining a first acoustic p ...

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A portable medical diagnostic instrument includes an instrument head and a handle portion having an open-ended receiving cavity. A compact illuminator defined by a housing retaining a miniature light source and a power supply is releasably fitted within the open-ended receiving cavity of the handle ...




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A light assembly for a hand-held medical diagnostic instrument. The light assembly includes a substrate having a top surface and a bottom surface, a light source mounted to the top surface, and the bottom surface having first and second electrical terminals. The light assembly further includes a cir ...