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A data input device for use with a tracking surface having light-scattering properties. The device comprises a coherent light source for projecting a coherent light beam onto the tracking surface to reflect a speckle pattern. A detector having a field of view detects and images the speckle pattern. ...

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This document describes techniques using, and apparatuses including, switchable magnetic locks. These techniques and apparatuses can enable low or no power consumption and a seamless design for locking and unlocking of devices one to the other, such as computing devices and peripherals.

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A connection device for computing devices is described. In one or more implementations, a connection device comprises a plurality of connection portions that are physically and communicatively coupled, one to another. Each of the plurality of connection portions has at least one communication contac ...

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Input device writing surface techniques are described. In one or more implementations, an input device includes a connection portion configured to form a communicative and physical coupling to a computing device sufficient to secure the input device to the computing device. The input device also inc ...

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Techniques for implementing an integrative interactive space are described. In implementations, video cameras that are positioned to capture video at different locations are synchronized such that aspects of the different locations can be used to generate an integrated interactive space. The integra ...

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This document describes techniques and apparatuses for implementing a transparent display device. A transparent display device includes a transparent or translucent screen to render images on the screen, and to render virtual objects that appear to be in a three-dimensional (3D) space behind the scr ...

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Described is a technology by which a computer pointing device (generally a mouse but alternatively a game controller or remote control device) may be worn on the hand and operated without needing to contact a mousing surface. Gyroscopic-based sensors convert the wearer's hand and wrist movements to ...

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Optical stylus interaction techniques are described. In an implementation, a display of a computing device includes optical sensors capable of detecting images projected by a stylus. A stylus may include a projection system to project various images used to convey interaction information that may be ...

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Conductive trace routing techniques for display and bezel sensors are described. In one or more implementations, an apparatus includes display sensors, bezel sensors, and a plurality of conductive traces. The display sensors are configured to detect proximity of an object and are arranged in conjunc ...

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Skinnable touch device grip pattern techniques are described herein. A touch-aware skin may be configured to substantially cover the outer surfaces of a computing device. The touch-aware skin may include a plurality of skin sensors configured to detect interaction with the skin at defined locations. ...