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An improved Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Packaging (WLCSP) process is described that includes forming a plurality of conductive pillars on a first surface of a semiconductor wafer. One or more grooves are dry etched into the first surface of the semiconductor wafer, where the grooves define at least one b ...

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A circuit structure is provided. The circuit structure includes a capacitor including a top capacitor electrode; a bottom capacitor electrode parallel to the top capacitor electrode; and an insulating layer between the top and the bottom capacitor electrodes. The insulating layer includes a dielectr ...

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An integrated circuit structure and methods for forming the same are provided. The integrated circuit structure includes a substrate; a through-silicon via (TSV) extending into the substrate; a TSV pad spaced apart from the TSV; and a metal line over, and electrically connecting, the TSV and the TSV ...

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A method of forming a packaging structure and the packages formed thereof are provided. The method includes providing a package having a top surface and placing solder balls on the top surface of the package. A coplanar surface is then placed against the solder balls, wherein the surface is non-adhe ...


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A venous-arterial detector is disclosed. The detector includes a first chamber in fluid communication with a needle, and an indicator chamber in selective fluid communication with the first chamber through a valve. The indicator chamber is pre-pressurized to a defined pressure that preferably exceed ...

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A process for forming an interface (106) between a plated and a non-plated area (102, 104) on the surface of a plastic component (100) is disclosed. First, an anti-plating layer (110) is formed over the surface of the plastic component. Thereafter, a low-power laser beam (10) is used to remove a por ...

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A memory circuit includes a word line, a data storage circuit including one or more memory cells or sub-cells, and an inverter coupled between the word line and the N memory cells. The inverter inverts a word-line signal input into a read port of the cells or sub-cells. Because the word-line inverte ...

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In one embodiment, the invention includes a method for compressing video data using redundant binary mathematics. Other embodiments are described and claimed.

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Embodiments include apparatuses, methods, and systems for state retention electronic devices. In embodiments, an electronic device may include a state retention flip-flop having a plurality of P-type metal oxide semiconductor (PMOS) devices coupled with a common N-well, with one or more of the plura ...