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The invention provides an embedded processor architecture comprising a plurality of virtual processing units that each execute processes or threads (collectively, “threads”). One or more execution units, which are shared by the processing units, execute instructions from the threads. An event delive ...

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An apparatus in one example comprises one or more support members that are alignable substantially along directions that are identifiable through reference to mutually perpendicular x, y, and z axes. The one or more support members comprise first, second, third, and fourth support members that are c ...

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The present invention relates to providing a printing device which allows for user authentication. The printing device may communicate with the authentication device using universal serial bus (USB) protocol, wherein the printing device contains a universal serial bus (USB) host. User authentication ...

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A method and apparatus for processing a digital image to reduce moiré artifacts while preserving or improving detailed features. Pixels may be categorized as halftone and/or detail pixels and filtered accordingly. A pixel may be categorized as halftone if intensity values over a first window laid ov ...

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A method for detecting loss of SF6 gas from electrical utility apparatus determines a molar ratio of gas in a container at an initial time and of gas in the container at a subsequent time. Measurement of temperature is determined by averaging ambient temperature and temperature of the surface of the ...

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A roof support for an underground mine which has a hydraulic cylinder positioned between a roof engaging support and a ground engaging base and has a flexible gas barrier or enclosure surrounding surfaces of said hydraulic cylinder which are subject to corrosion by gases present in the underground m ...

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In an array of pixels, a method for segmenting a selected pixel of the array between at least two layers including identifying an N-by-N window centered upon the selected pixel, evaluating at least one pixel in the N-by-N window to determine whether the selected pixel is a potential text element, id ...

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An improved shingle mask is provided for use on ink jet printers which use multi-pass printing (shingling) to form bitmap images. The shingle mask is derived from a shingle mask density distribution which exhibits a substantially trapezoidal shape; the shingle mask density distribution is derived fr ...

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An adjustable cam shaft sprocket for allowing small adjustments to a cam shaft. The adjustable cam shaft sprocket comprises an inner member and an outer member, the inner member being placed concentrically within said first circular member and held in place by a fastener. A series of openings locate ...

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A lever handle including a lever (11) rotatably mounted with an escutcheon (10) arranged for quick adjustment of the handing (e.g. for use with either a left or right swinging door). The handle includes a stop element (24) sliding between limiting positions (23) to be engaged with a mover (18).