Stephen J Tellman: Triple lap hardboard siding. Champion International Corporation, Evelyn M Sommer, February 19, 1980: US04188762 (53 worldwide citation)

A triple lap siding product is machined from a strip of wide lap hardboard siding to give the appearance of three narrow laps of natural wood siding or actual drop siding cut from 3/4" lumber. The configuration for simulating narrow lap siding is machined with beveled profiles having opposed first a ...

Richard K Bower, Stephen J Tellman: Method of forming an embossing caul. Champion International Corporation, Evelyn M Sommer, John H Mulholland, William W Jones, December 10, 1985: US04557779 (28 worldwide citation)

A plastic caul for embossing wood panels with grain patterns comprises a laminate of sheets of epoxy prepreg made of such heat insensitive non-cellulosic webs such as fiberglass or woven graphite impregnated with partially cured epoxy resin. The caul may also include a metal core or backing sheet. T ...

Stephen J Tellman: Construction panel with non-skid surface and method of fabrication. Champion International Corporation, Evelyn M Sommer, August 22, 1978: US04109041 (21 worldwide citation)

Elastomeric particles, e.g., rubber grindings and buffings produced in vehicular tire manufacturing and recapping operations, are incorporated into at least one surface of particle-board panel to increase friction, prevent stacked panels from sliding in echelon, prevent tools from sliding thereon, p ...

Stephen J Tellman, Oscar Selber: Method and apparatus for making expanded wood veneer products. Evelyn M Sommer, April 7, 1987: US04655869 (18 worldwide citation)

A unitary sheet of plywood comprising at least one layer of plywood veneer expanded in a direction perpendicular to the grain and at least one layer of plywood veneer bonded to said expanded layer; the method of forming such plywood comprising forming a first layer or layers of plywood veneer expand ...

Stephen J Tellman: Hardboard panel siding. Champion International Corporation, Evelyn M Sommer, May 12, 1981: US04266382 (12 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an exterior grade hardboard siding panel which gives the appearance of vertically-applied solid lumber planks having a bead and cove detail. The front surface of the panel has a plurality of adjacent areas which each simulate a vertical solid wood plank. Each of these areas has a cove r ...

Stephen J Tellman: Multi-lap siding with beaded edge. Champion International Corporation, Evelyn M Sommer, April 14, 1981: US04261152 (10 worldwide citation)

A multi-lap siding formed from a hardboard material is disclosed. The multi-lap siding is rectangular and has generally flat, opposed front and rear surfaces, and an upper leading edge and the lower trailing edge being configured such that the upper leading edge of one siding can cooperate and inter ...