Paul L Master, Stephen J Smith, John Watson: Apparatus, method, system and executable module for configuration and operation of adaptive integrated circuitry having fixed, application specific computational elements. QST Holdings, December 13, 2012: US20120317397-A1

The present invention concerns configuration of a new category of integrated circuitry for adaptive computing. The various embodiments provide an executable information module for an adaptive computing engine (ACE) integrated circuit and may include configuration information, operand data, and may a ...

Stephen J Smith: Method for application and maintenance of medication on body tissue. Ramon L Pizarro, August 24, 2004: US06780425

A medical method and dressing for application, and maintenance of medication on healthy, damaged or infected living tissue. Medication is applied to body tissue and then coated with a bioadhesive providing medication maintenance on tissue and protection from body and other liquids or abrasion thereb ...