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An image-audio print has either a single image or a set of images on a first side and an accessible audio data storage means preferably on its backside. The accessible audio data storage means contains an audio data segment associated with the image on single image prints and a set of audio data seg ...

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An image and an associated audio segment are recorded on a film negative. The information on the film negative can be printed as encoded sound data on photographic paper or the like. For displaying, the sound data is scanned, decoded to create an audio segment data stream, and the data stream is pla ...

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A photofinishing system for automatically processing image and associated image data pursuant to customer output requests. The system includes an order manager operative to receive and control processing of the output requests and at least one source of image related data corresponding to the output ...

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A method of processing photographic still image film orders having sound information recorded at the camera in association with one or more images captured on the film in which the sound information is downloaded at an order entry station to create a sound file for transfer to the photofinishing lab ...

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Sound with still image film system, camera and cassette classifier apparatus wherein indicium such as a deformable tab on the film cassette is modified to indicate sound is or will be recorded in association with pictures taken on the film in the cassette. The camera includes a mechanism responsive ...

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A dye-receiving element for thermal dye transfer suitable for forming a focussing tool comprising a polymeric central dye image-receiving section having a substantially planar image receiving surface and a relatively thicker integral polymeric frame section extending around the periphery of said cen ...

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A method for processing a silver halide photographic element having a support on the bottom and a light sensitive silver halide emulsion layer on the top, comprising: